3 Ways You Can Be More Sustainable with Your Clothing Habits

I am learning more and more how the fashion industry is a lot more polluting than people think – which is largely due to people buying in excess. This demand has forced companies in the fashion industry to produce more to meet high demands and has resorted to them often using harmful materials too in the process.

If you want to be more conscious of the ethical implications of your buying habits, there are some simple things that you can do going forward to make sure you aren’t contributing so much to the unethical or non-environmentally friendly practices. This also includes being aware that luxury items tend to be less polluting than fast fashion, as their quality means that they can be handed down many times, and here is how:

Go for Slow Fashion Options

Firstly, you should be cautious about where you shop. Although fast fashion has its upsides, I think most of us know that it is cheap and accessible because the quality of the clothing is often worse than bigger brands. It also usually means the conditions in which it was made, as well as the environmental implications, are more harmful and conditions unethical.

There are many affordable luxury brands and slow fashion brands in the UK though. Here is a list of luxury, and still affordable items that will last in your closet. Consigned Sealed Delivered (CSD) has many pre-owned designer items which are more affordable than buying them as new.

Check Out Second-hand Clothing

I am a huge lover of buying second-hand and you too could also have a look at second-hand clothing rather than buying a new one if you want to be a bit more conscious of the environmental implications of your clothing choices. Buying second-hand stops fast fashion brands from profiting as you aren’t encouraging the production of such garments. Good places to look for second-hand clothing are charity shops and online pre-owned clothing stores and apps. Not only is it sustainable, but you also stumble upon loads of bargains and unique finds.

Don’t forget, you can also buy designer items at a cheaper price too for a bit of luxury which may have only been used once or twice.

Recycle Your Clothes

Top luxury brands use great quality materials, so even if you decide you have grown out of their style, they will still be in mint condition to recycle by handing them down to family members or friends, selling online or passing them to charity. It is less likely with some stuff to pass down fast-fashion garments as some stuff just doesn’t last. In addition to this, they will also hold their value if they are sort after items, so the return price would be worth your while too.

You don’t have to completely cut out buying clothes if you want to be more sustainable, but being more aware of where and what you are buying can really make a difference. Using all or some of these tips will help you to be more sustainable; especially when shopping for luxury goods (and therefore will be a big step towards a sustainable luxury future).

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  1. June 18, 2021 / 9:40 pm

    I am trying so much to think of my carbon footprint at the moment!

    Danielle | thereluctantblogger.co.uk

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