3 ways I style my oversized denim jacket

2021 is very much about baggier denim and outerwear is no exception. When I saw my neighbour rocking an oversized denim jacket on the school run a few weeks ago, I felt like I needed one too – for those cooler spring and summer days, but also to layer up for a cool relaxed look. I was delighted to discover she had bought it on Vinted and so of course I got searching. I managed to bag myself a beaut of one that was originally from Topshop that I paid £10 for. Here are just a few ways I like to wear it.

With dresses

I always like the idea of wearing dresses other than for church on a Sunday, but struggle to find a jacket or cardigan that compliments them when the weather is cooler (or if I know we will be out and about later). I find though that my denim jacket compliments the look wonderfully (especially with some hi tops) and has transformed my wardrobe options mid week! Putting a denim jacket like this over any dress creates a really cool look – be it a maxi, midi or even mini length (not that I own any mini length dresses, but you might). Patterns obviously look fab next to the denim, but I also like plainer ones under it too.

With patterned trousers

I love a pair of patterned trousers in the Summer with my sandals and in the autumn with boots! Chucking on an oversized denim jacket with a tee or nice top underneath creates a really cool and trendy look effortlessly. I think it will also look great come Autumn with leather look trousers.

With leggings & a hoodie

Pairing an oversized denim jacket with leggings and a hoodie offers a comfy and casual look perfect for busy mum days! I like the chilled feel when wearing it with leggings and my hi tops and throwing on a hoodie too for colder days! This also makes for an easy weekend outfit or (if you’re lucky enough) for travelling!

I love the retro/hipster vibe this jacket brings to my wardrobe and look – it makes me happy to wear. I enjoy having an easy option for an extra layer when it’s cooler. and as a mama with 4 kids in tow, the pockets are a massive bonus for keys, phone and all the bits and bobs they pass you! I am yet to dare to double denim it or to wear it with skirts, but for now it was definitely a fab purchase and one that is used often to create various looks.

Do you own an oversized denim jacket? Let me know any more ideas of how to style it!

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