£3 Turban Hat – Primark

Right now I am proper loving (and slightly obsessed by) my new bargainous £3 Turban Hat from Primarni – my latest accessory in life (happy birthday)! I am quite aware that I am about a year behind on the old turban hat trend, however here I am Autumn 2019 rocking it and loving the black with gold stripe combo. It is something a little different to my usual bobble hats I live in through late Autumn and Winter, and it has really got me into wanting to experiment more with hats again.

When I first saw this style of hat (last christmas on my gorgeous sister in laws) I thought they looked super cool, but I never thought I would be able to pull it off for me – which I was fine with. I don’t think that I am a particularly a trendy person or classy in my style, and these kind of felt classy don’t you think? so I never really gave it a second thought…at least not until I spotted this gem.

I shop in a way that if I love it, or it stands out as being funky/colourful or a bit different then I will get it. This means that I have an eclectic mix of of stuff that maybe current in my favourite shops – zara or H&M – or it may be sale. Mostly it’s more “retro” and “vintage” from a charity shop. I do take interest in current trends as I like clothes and style, but I tend to focus a lot more on the colour palettes and patterns before style (unless of course it’s skirts and dresses which I do take more interest in). More often than not though, I will peruse shops to find things I love (or need) as opposed to seeking out the latest on trend top/outfit or accessory. This often means I have my own take on things and wear stuff I love as opposed to always being current – hence here I am – a year behind with this trend!

It turns out though that with the turban hat, this gold and black one spoke to me despite previously writing it off as a no go style for me! You see, it would appear that as someone who has always kind of liked headgear (from the ferrari baseball hat I lived in circa 2004 to the knitted visor that shortly followed!) I actually have a style and head that can pull off quirky and delightful hats and it also turns out that they bring me a lot of joy to wear too.

I guess it goes to show that whatever we love or are curious about, whatever we see that looks lovely to us, we can and should totally wear it – experiment and see – you may just surprise yourself like I have. And the bonus is that you grow in your own style and frequently find you have a new favourite in your wardrobe!

I have had a few funny looks around the village with this one (I at times had to justify my style choices in the country which I find funny, because I know that if I was still living in a city people wouldn’t give me a second glance) but, it makes life interesting and often just makes me laugh. My friends did say it was totally me – “quirky”! So I’ll take that as a winner. Either way, I am super pleased with this lovely little hat and if you want to look as cool as me on the school run (jokes) then they are only £3 in primark (they also have plain black if you don’t want the sparkle – but who doesn’t want sparkle?).

Here are a couple of other turban hats that I have my eye on:

The most expensive is this beaut of a velvet one from ‘& Other Stories’ and then this funky black and white number from claires (which is also on BOGOF – bonus). Amazon is rich in sparkle, knitted and velvet ones too all starting about £3.99 – which might be something to add on your christmas list or buy for a friend, mother or sister!

*This is NOT a sponsored or collaborative post – links are there just for interest and helpfulness! 

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