If you follow me on Instagram then you may have seen my story yesterday where I showed the world my newest hair adventure into a funky shade of PINK! Now when I say pink, its more of a unicorn, pastel, candyfloss kind of look, which whilst cool, isn’t what I intended, and thus has taken some getting used to!

Its been ages since I dyed my hair myself and as I haven’t had an opportunity to go to to the hairdressers since December it was all too tempting. So in an attempt to (a) save money and be frugal, and (b) save time and stress, I decided to grab a box dye and colour it myself at home. For ages I have wanted to use the pastel lilac from LIVE colour, just to keep my bright blonde (which I love) only adding a subtle lilac tone. So for £3.99 in Home Bargains I decided to take the plunge and go for it…only it came out pink…like candy floss! I think I do love it now, it’s blonde until the light hits it, which is quite fun. I never imagined at 32 having pink hair, but hey ho – it’ll fade in a few weeks and as its quite subtle its really different to me!

This weeks other frugalities has been all about the yellow stickers…I literally struck gold on Monday in Asda when a quick clothing return turned to reduction central down the fruit and veg aisle!

Reductions into meals

On my way to the checkouts, I noticed a stack of fruit and veg that had all be reduced, so me being me had a little sneaky look. It turned out it was all half price and so I filled a basket with stuff for that weeks dinners. Spinach, diced root vegetables, cherry tomatoes and salad bags. I then headed to the chilled section, and low and behold it was another gold pot of yellow reduction stickers. Here I picked up chicken and prawns, a few other bits to make them into a meal, and 5 minutes later my weekly shop rang in at £20!!!!

From it this week we have enjoyed – 

*Feta and spinach quasadilla’s with zesty salad (bagged salad. corn, tomatoes, spring onions, corriander, lemon juice)
*Homemade vegetable and lentil soup (didn’t turn out great as I under cooked the veg, but the meal was there)
*Pesto chicken with carrot and swede, and greens
*homemade spag bol

The other expense of the £20 was on 2 bags of fruit (bananas and satsumas), natural yogurt, milk, crisps and cereal… Oh and I have prawns and bagged veg in the freezer for 2 more meals and plenty of salad still going strong too! GET IN! That is some serious thriftiness even for me. I have decided I may have a browse round ASDA more on a Monday morning, who knows, my weekly shop might just stick at £20 hahaha. So yes, always have a nosy in the reductions…you might just hit the jackpot.

In other news we received our passes this week to be Sealife Ambassadors over at Scarborough, which will be perfection when we move house. I must say, I am rather excited for this and to be working with them over the next 12 months, and once again am feeling very grateful for my corner of the web!


Yesterday I had the pleasure of enjoying a very gorgeous lunch with my lovely sister in law and fellow blogger Esther , (and a selection of our tribe of kids) at the Dormouse in York. Part of the vintage Inn family, it was most certainly a hearty meal, in lush surroundings that were oozing with the history one would expect when visiting York!

Located on Clifton Park Avenue in York (just off the A1237), this charming Inn boasts a fab selection of foods, from pub favourites (burgers and steaks) and vintage classics (Pies and Fish & Chips), to more “upmarket” choices such as the delicious feta and beetroot salad with salmon we sampled.  It is easily accessible from any side of York, and from both Leeds and Pontefract it took us only 40 minutes! Its rustic soul is reflected both in its interiors and food, and we enjoyed everything about it. I would say that its definitely worth the short distance for both the atmosphere and menu, and generally a lovely lunch or dinner out.

 Initially we were spoilt for choice which was most refreshing for a lunch menu, and after much deliberation and discussions, I settled on the prawn and lobster cocktail to start, and the Feta and beetroot salad for mains (with salmon on top). The sun was shining brightly and I was craving something fresher than the usual pie or Burger I would normally opt for. Esther had the garlic mushrooms and the Courgette, carrot & chickpea burger (though we did share as it was all so yummy). And then my nephew had the soup of the day (leek and potato) which he assured us was lovely too – whilst the babies picked anything and everything off of our plates!

The portions were a great size, presented in a classy way and service was impeccable (seasoned with a lot of humour)!


 Built on the site of the old Clifton Hospital, The Dormouse is perfectly situated to explore the delights of my favourite City – ancient York, before unwinding over a delicious, hearty pub meal. It has recently undergone a massive £250K internal and exterior makeover which has brought to it new enhanced lighting, plenty of traditional-style soft furnishings, and brand new carpets, which together create the wholesome, quaint feel we loved so much.

 “A pub with class”, this inn is a place I can see myself wanting to go for Mothers day and possibly even my birthday too.  It is charming and beautiful, reasonably priced, an excellent selection for all pallets and a cosy atmosphere that with or without kids invites you to pull up a chair and savour their vast menu whilst chatting the afternoon (or evening) away. It is very child friendly with a children’s menu available and crooked corners to hide away in and be in your own little space, So why not book a table for Mothers day and enjoy 3 courses from just £18.95, it really is a beautiful little spot to enjoy with family and loved ones. And if you find yourself in York be sure to take a look, it so lovely and tasty!

Thank you to Vintage Inns for their hospitality and providing us with a complimentary visit in return for our review. All opinions and pictures are my own. 

Why not “Like” their Facebook page to keep up to date with events, offers and menu changes.


On Saturday we headed up to Dalby forest in North Yorkshire for a lovely family walk with a twist, as it was also a chance to try out the latest App from The Forestery commission “Gruffalo Spotters“!

Whilst the sun was shining and we were looking forward to a lovely walk, the fact we were taking the ipad out just felt so weird to me and I wasn’t sure if I really liked that.

When I first heard about the App I thought it was a brilliant idea, but then the more I thought about it, I kinda felt like it defeated the object of taking your kids outside (to chase nature and get off screens). But it surprisingly worked well together and the kids loved it, and it made for a lot of family fun. Because in reality the Ipad only briefly came out about 5 times around the trail to spot the character whose prints we had found on the boards. It then brought to life the creature in a magical way that gave the forest a whole new feel for the kids, and as they watched the little performance on screen (but couldn’t see it in real life), it became a real imagination builder and fascinating for us all. The excitement fuelled them to run and discover who else was hiding in the deep dark wood..

We are not particularly an App kind of family, and our kids don’t have their own devices. In some ways that made this adventure all the more fun because they were allowed to use the Ipad and also had to share and work together too. Because it was something so different to our usual outdoor adventures, it was exciting for them and as I say magical too. It didn’t detract from the enjoyment of the outdoors and we still came away feeling refreshed and very muddy.

I would recommend you check it out soon at your local forest as being Gruffalo spotters is so much fun to do together and makes for a magical Gruffalo/forest adventure.

Watch our video to see more about it and how we got on.


For years I have scrolled through my Facebook feed and loved the efforts of parents and kids in creating spectacular, ingenious and just lovely costumes for World Book Day. From comic books to classics, one off faves and  quirky childhood favourites, kids everywhere were living the dream and I couldn’t wait until my kids were in school and we could embrace this wonderful idea too.

Then this year we finally got a chance to. Megan briefly wanted to be Cinderella but then never really swayed from being a rabbit from Peter Rabbit, and Ethan was set on being The Gruffalo… No the big skeleton from Funny Bones…no Sam I am..No green ham…no Aliens love underpants…definitely a skeleton..Okay the robber from cops and robbers! It was far from the fun easy adventure I had anticipated as we enjoy so many great books and my son is evidently as indecisive as me. In the end he settled on a Cops and Robbers (Grabber Dan to be precise), and we had a few last minute costume makes, and then Megan was a gorgeous Lily Rabbit. I just loved that moment they saw themselves for the first time in character – so exciting!

And then me with my bright ideas suggested in our PTA meeting a few weeks back that we dress up too and share some stories with the classes in school which was embraced well, and subsequently evolved into me sharing one to the whole school in an assembly – Score..nooottt!

I rocked up to school dressed as Peg Polka dot from “The Troll” complete with frying pan and plastic fish and had great fun reading to reception whilst the other mum’s tackled the other classes. Then the school gathered in the hall where I shared (in my dressing gown) one of our faves “Zagazoo” in Assembly to hall of eager kids and teachers.

I do love to perform, it makes me happy. I am a little eccentric at times, and wish I dare be more so sometimes, But I do feel comfortable being a character and acting, and to do this for my kids school is a moment I will remember for a long time. Not just that but that moment in the morning when they looked in the mirror and saw themselves in character! It was so precious and it felt so good to be silly with them and embrace this opportunity of being a school mum on the PTA on world book day. Its was so much fun and so many giggles.

Our first world book day was easily a success and I found it a wonderful thing for me to share this with the kids too. I think it was good for them to see me in their school life and me them. To be in Megan’s class and see her grinning “that’s my mum” was certainly a lovely thing. To hear their class mates laughing their heads off and thinking I’m a rather cool mum (I hope ha) was just great for us all, and we left school on such a high… they had loved being dressed up and sharing their books with their friends. They had appreciated differences in likes and dislikes and had loved the chance to have a day celebrating the wonderful world of books and stories. A day to exercise imagination and passion, and an ordinary moment of childhood we embraced wholeheartedly – roll on next year!


The Ordinary Moments