As of 3.20pm yesterday afternoon our kids are officially on their half term break from school and it couldn’t come soon enough! Megan isn’t a fan of school and it is a battle every day, so she is excited to have her time as her own! And I am excited to have my kids back… I thoroughly enjoy the time we get to go out together and hang out during the school holidays, and with all of the lovely weather we’ve been having so far, I have been super excited to spend some time going on little adventures together! I always enjoy these moments and feel like a proper mum (if that makes any sense?)!

Anyway, tonight they will kick off their fun with an epic sleepover/fun times (which is lasting all weekend) with their cousins at Grandma Smith’s house! It sounds unbelievable what she has planned, and completer madness, but I know each of their cousins are as excited as them and cannot wait to go. With 8×4-7 year olds, I wish her much luck…but I am sure it will be hugely exciting and a wonderful, memorable weekend!

Meanwhile, I am very much looking forward to a bank holiday weekend and having some time with Nath working side by side to spruce up our home and finally put our stamp on it (with our little helper of course).

Usually our half terms are planned around daily themes (read more about it here) which works out wonderfully for a balance. This time round however I decided to mix it up a bit and have a more spontaneous approach. Instead of us brainstorming and planning together around our daily themes, I asked them each to pick a day they wanted and then decide what we be doing on that day – anything they want they can plan it for the rest of the family! They loved this idea so much and are now looking forward to their days, as well as sharing in the fun that one another has planned!

So here is what we are looking forward to this June half term…

MONDAY – The kids will still be living it up at Grandma’s so we will be taking advantage of the Bank holiday to either be finishing any DIY jobs on our list that we didn’t get done Saturday, or simply chilling at the coast with Alice.

TUESDAY – After a busy weekend, we have reserved Tuesday to be a chill out day. I think it’s important when they are off school to have one day at least where they can relax, play out, wander to the park and watch movies. Tuesday will be our day for this!

WEDNESDAY – This is Alice’s day, and so weather permitting we will be visiting an RSPB spot and take a picnic. She loves Birds and animals, and as we have membership I thought it would be a nice day out and a lovely day chasing Nature!

THURSDAY – Megan chose this day as hers. Without hesitation it was swimming and pirate golf at the coast! This will probably be a good day to meet up with cousins on my side and have some fun over that way!

FRIDAY – Ethan really wants to go to “THE DEEP” in Hull! I thought this was a splendid idea as we rarely go to places like this in our school holidays. He thought we could go on the Friday and so there we are – fun at The Deep on Friday! We will probably have a walk around the marina too, and if it’s warm weather, wander to the fountains in the city centre!

SATURDAY – On Saturday we will be returning to Hull to go to Hull Truck Theatre family open day. It is a FREE event from 10am til 4.30pm I have been looking forward to for a while (and I think it will be fantastic). As a theatre lover, I can’t wait for my kids to get hands on and involved with the things I love. It will be great to experience the joy and mystery of the Theatre together! Ethan is especially excited to check out (and hopefully have a go) at lighting and sound, and I think Megs will enjoy the crafty side of things and dress up! I am really looking forward to our family doing something together that makes me so happy!

Later that day we are meeting up with Ethan’s bestie from Leeds for some swimming or just some hanging out!

I am so excited for a week together – having fun and exploring East Yorkshire! Can you believe that next weekend it will be a year since we moved over here? I can’t! It has been such a different pace of life, a refreshing change to life in the City, and I am excited that nearly all that we have planned together is embracing our new favourite spots here in East Yorkshire! I can’t wait to hang with my kids this coming week and have some fun this Half term!

Hello to June Half term – we are so ready for you (once they’ve cracked on and cleaned the house this morning!) – let’s hope the sun shines brightly on our adventures!


They say that laughter is the best medicine, and after what has been a gloomy period in life recently I was in desperate need of some that I assure you! But when I accepted the invitation recently to see “The Play That Goes Wrong”, I had no idea just how much I would be laughing my head off, and what an overdose of the ‘laughter medicine’ I would be getting into!

Last night laughter filled the air, and we were well and truly overdosed on humour and comedy ,and entertained to the max at the incredibly funny, and down right brilliant performance of “The Play That Goes Wrong” at Hull New Theatre!

I haven’t been to Hull New Theatre since it’s fairly recent refurb, and I must say it is looking grand! It was exciting to be there and the atmosphere last night was most joyful right from the start – it was relaxed, feel good and I cannot tell you how clever and absolutely side splitting hilarious it was! Antics of the play began in the foyer, had some audience participation, contained moments of Improv, and there were jokes and surprises left right and center – as well as up in the box!

The Play That Goes Wrong is a highly physical comedy packed with finely-tuned farce and Buster Keaton inspired slapstick delivered with split-second timing and ambitious daring. The play introduces The ‘Cornley Polytechnic Drama Society’ who are attempting to put on a 1920s’ murder mystery, but as the title suggests, everything that can go wrong… does, as the accident prone thespians battle on against all the odds to get to their final curtain call.

From start to finish it was clever, impeccably timed and ridiculously entertaining, and quite possibly the funniest theatre production I have ever seen. My friend and I howled with laughter, and it made for the perfect girls night out (or a date or just for the fun of it!).

Henry Lewis, Jonathan Sayer and Henry Shields (all members of the Mischief Theatre Company), are the masterminds behind this epic play, and if you love things like “Fawlty Towers” then this will be right up your street! If not then I dare you to go and try not laugh!

I could, with pleasure, go and see this many more times! I have already said to Mr Smith that it is a must see for him as he would LOVE it, and that we need to try to go again later this week. I can just imagine us both sat there laughing together like my friend I did, because this play creates that type of laughter where tears are rolling down your cheeks, your sides hurt, and you can barely breathe! It is a night out that is good for the soul, and better yet is clean and generally good old original humour!

I cannot thank the cast, writers and producers enough for such a spectacular performance, evening, and all those extra laughter lines! Bravo guys – it was magnificent!

Tickets for The Play That Goes Wrong at Hull New Theatre from 21 -26 May are on sale now. Book via the Hull City Hall Box Office, call 01482 300 306 or visit their new website 

*Thank you to Hull New Theatre for inviting me along for a piece of the action – it was so good to laugh that hard! 


At this time of year, and especially on warmer days, I am all about eating various wrap/mexican combos for dinner! To me they give a bit of an exotic vibe to the day, as well as being fresh, cheap and quick. I am a great lover of spice and freshness, and Mexican food not only hits all of the right spots, but is mostly (provided it’s not too spicy), loved by us all as a family favourite!

Of course the main attraction for me at the table is always the salsa. I love making it homemade, to get the right kick, freshness, and coriander/citrus deliciousness, and then piling it on my dinner! Life is good when homemade salsa is in the mix!

Having lived in Arizona for a year and a half, and consequently living around Mexican and south Americans, I picked up a few culinary skills I like to show off – the ones I use the most are Quesadillas (huge family fave), and of course this simple go to salsa recipe! I thought I’d share it with you guys as it’s not only an essential to my Summers, and one of my loves in life, but quite possibly a super useful piece of knowledge for you too!

Simple Salsa 

There are so so many salsa recipes I am yet to try and discover, and this one (whilst very tasty) isn’t even my fave! It is however really quick, simple and tasty to whizz up for dinner or guests. For those reasons, it’s the one I always make, and naturally always goes down a treat. It can be made in abundance with little effort and stored several days in the fridge too!

You will need 

A tin of chopped tomatoes (More if you want lots)
A pack of Salad tomatoes
One Medium Onion (Brown)
A green Pepper
A bunch of Coriander (Cilantro)
2 lemons (or 1 lime and 1 lemon)
Fresh chillies (Usually 1/2 or 1 for mild…. more to turn up the heat)

A hand blender / Blender

1.Loosely chop onion, salad tomatoes, Pepper, chilli and coriander into a large container or food blender. 
2. Open tin of tomatoes and add to chopped veg
3. Squeeze juice of citrus over and add a few grinds of salt 
4. Blend up by hand or in Blender until fine
5. Done!!! Taste (Sometimes it may need a little more citrus)
6. Serve with fave Mexican dishes, over grilled fish, or as a dip with tortilla chips and enjoy!!!!





It wasn’t until yesterday morning, that I woke up and finally felt some excitement about the Royal wedding. Being a suits fan, and a partial royalist, I realised that I couldn’t wait to see who was there (thanks Meghan you didn’t let us down by inviting the whole cast), and generally to see all of the British traditions that come with an historical event such as that of a royal wedding!! The preacher from America made my day, as did the whole beauty of the event itself and their love. I felt incredibly proud to be British on a day like yesterday!

After a week of what I can only describe as a major struggle, the joy that filled my heart watching the Royal wedding, and having a tea party following it in grandma’s garden, was a welcomed break. It certainly rounded this week off wonderfully, and I am so glad we made the effort and I am feeling more like me again!

Grateful for 

Being grateful this week has been hard for me to do. Rather I have been in a place where everything feels wrong in my world and things feel like they don’t ever go right – consequently gratitude isn’t particularly something I have focused on, felt or practiced.

Looking back now though with more clarity, I would say I am grateful that we live closer to the coast for the days when I need the beach. I am grateful for Nath’s words of affirmation when I need them the most, and I am grateful for the sunshine we have had this week, and the tea party grandma threw for us yesterday… all were nuggets of joy!

Succeeded at 

On Monday I finally dug the large paddling pool out that Alice was bought for her birthday…last July! As she hasn’t really been big enough/able enough to use it, we decided to store it in the garage until this Summer! With a week of lovely weather forecasted, I thought it might be nice to get it blown up and filled for them all to play in!

So there we are – I successfully blew up by mouth (and almost passing out) a giant paddling pool for my kids, and then with the help of Ethan filled it up – With pans of water no less! – It’s safe to say we’ve seen a need for a hose in our lives!

It was lovely to see the fruits of my labours and how good success felt.

Found beauty in 

I found beauty in Grandma’s garden yesterday – basking in the sun whilst nibbling sandwiches and strawberries, and looking over the freshly mowed lawn, was both relaxing and joyful. It was lovely to see plants flourishing, and the kids swinging on the seat with her (and splashing in the hot tub with her too later on). What a prefect and very chilled Saturday!

This week I also found beauty in the waves of the sea and the lighthouse. When life is hard, take me to the beach… it is joy to my soul and seems to whisk away many a worry.

I don’t know what this week holds but I sure hope it’s more positive than last. Next weekend the kids are having a cousins sleep over at grandmas, and so we are hoping to spend it doing some decorating…. I can’t wait to finally spruce our home and finish a few odd jobs!