About us

HELLO THERE, I’m Mary – Wifey, Mama and creator of this family & Lifestyle blog.
I love Pizza, Chocolate, Ice cream, a good bargain and colourful things. I enjoy travelling, nature, adventures and the theatre.
The beach is by far my happy place!  

I am married to my husband ‘Nath’ (Nathan) whom I adore, and we have been married now for 9 years – He is evidence to me that dreams come true! We live in a beautiful village in East Yorkshire are surviving enjoying being the parents of these 3 little nutters – Ethan, Megan and our rainbow Alice!

Nathan works in Supply chain and I am a stay at home mum / blogger/ Trainee counsellor. As a family and couple too, we love to travel, see historic and beautiful places, watch films, go to the theatre, eat treats, be outdoors, and generally have a laugh together! We are active members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and this is very much our lifestyle and ordinary.

I love taking our kids on life’s adventures and showing them this beautiful world – it is a wonderful thing.

In September 2014 our 3rd baby who we named “Poppy”, was diagnosed with CHD and later Trisomy 18…despite carrying to term she died 2 days before her due date and our pregnancy ended in a stillbirth! It turned our world upside down and our lives have never been the same since. During that time I decided to start  blogging to not only update friends and family, but to document our lives as we try to live it to the full despite the “hearty problems” that weigh us down. Over time this has become our mantra in life and I really believe now that there are hearty moments in all seasons of life if we look for them and capture them. 

Since starting this blog, I have become a finalist at the 2015 Butterfly Awards, being shortlisted for inspirational writer and appeared on Channel 5 News earlier this yearI have since however decided to move on from writing about our loss in such depth, and now only reference parts of it whilst writing about loss and grief from a more general angle. I am in a different stage of life now and have reached a place where I feel I don’t need to share it with the world so much. I now prefer to blog about our life’s adventures together – our family moments, our days out and travel, and my personal loves of food, theatre, history, bargains and my semi-cool modest style! Blogging brings me great joy and I love how it evolves with me. 

I see “The Hearty Life” as one that is wholesome, jovial and filled with vigour, cheer and devotion (and plenty of adventures and bargains too I hope). It is something that we try to create and seek for in life as we pursue our dreams and this is what I try to capture despite the pain of loss we have faced.

Welcome to our Hearty life!! 


  1. Auntie Jukie
    July 13, 2014 / 10:12 am

    Mary I think you are simply an amazing woman. I’ve known you since birth and who would have thought that that little girl doing the ‘star tracking across the universe’ with your sister Jo could turn out the way you have! I feel honoured to be your Auntie and very proud to be able to watch you grow more and more. Xxxxxxxxx

  2. May 12, 2015 / 3:01 am

    You have a freestyle writing challenge awaiting you! Whenever you have time. It would be interesting to see what you write! It’s on my blog 😀