This week in college we were talking about Ethics and the BACP Ethical Framework for counsellors. Whilst all very interesting (I assure you), I had to laugh when I was reading it, as it got me thinking – imagine if we as mothers and parents had a code of ethics we had to adhere to, in order to be “fit for practice”! I think with how nuts and ratted our… View Post

It’s hard to believe that this time last year we were booking flights to LA and planning our incredible USA road trip. It is a holiday we absolutely loved and remember with great fondness and certainly not a “once in a lifetime” thing. We saw so many wonderful places and people, and did loads, that as we drove back to LA from Vegas, we talked about how good it would… View Post

As the girls are getting older, I am enjoying more and more the opportunities to match their outfits. One way I can see occasions to do this is through matching dresses. Whether for church or a party, matching dresses are adorable and very cute, and if budget will ever permit, there are some fantastic styles in girls’ designer dresses. Ruffles, embroideries, opulent fabric and colourful prints — are all stunning… View Post

A couple of weeks ago, whilst shopping for vests and tights for the kids in Primark, I picked up 2 new slogan tees for myself. For the Bargainous price of £2.50 each it was a right deal! I love a good slogan tee to make a statement and you can’t go wrong with a price tag of £2.50. I am quite a casual person overall and though I love my… View Post