Wicked Wednesday |5

Shopping with kids is mental at the best of times, let alone when your a stress head mother burdened with grief and trying to survive… That is why it has taken me almost 2 weeks to get around to picking up my new glasses.
I decided to brave it as they had started to harass me with calls and I had ran out of excuses as to why I hadn’t yet collected them. My kids, despite being 2 years apart, are both in the same phase of life – that of NOT RUDDY LISTENING to mother. When I say “come here please” they hear “please stay where you are and whatever you do, do not acknowledge me” or “please sit down and eat nicely” is interpreted as “please clime around like monkeys and throw the meal ive struggled to cook all over the floor ive JUST cleaned”!! So why would being in public be any different, in fact i’m sure it makes their hearing worse. 5 times I said “please stand there quietly and don’t touch ANYTHING – I will be 2mins!” oh no lets run around squealing like pigs, throwing designer frames around like leaves on an autumn day and then try EVERYTHING on …

Geek and not so chic!!! And yes, I do take my kids out with pen on their faces…hands..feet, tummies etc 


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  1. December 10, 2014 / 8:12 pm

    Oh goodness me *hugs* sadly I know exactly where you’re coming from and yes I feel your pain. Lol they do rock those glasses though!xx

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