I realised yesterday that the kids only had like 3 days and weekend left of the hols, and so I kicked my butt into gear and we had a mega fort building sess on the beach! The weather wasn’t the best we’ve had, but the fun, fresh sea air and calmness of the sea were totally worth it! I will certainly miss these train to beach adventures once Autumn and school kicks in!

This week hasn’t been an easy one for me, which I will try to explain soon, but it meant that we have spent a couple of days hibernating and feeling really naff about life. We’ve watched far too many movies and I don’t think I even got dressed one day, so apologies that my bargs haven’t been that fruitful this week (sorry)!

I guess not going out is frugal, right? (we didn’t spend a penny)! But joking aside, it made my day when I found a great jumper in the charity shop yesterday and we got free subs for lunch – here’s how.


My kids are obsessed with Subway! We love it, and have had it easily on a weekly basis over the holidays! I love it because they pack it full of all of the salad options (their fave been black olives!), and when offered any other “fast food” option, Subway wins hands down (score)!

As a result of this addiction, we have quickly racked up the points on my sub card, and so yesterday we cashed them in and had free subway all round. I always go for the steak & cheese when its a free one, why? yup, because its the most pricey normally!!!!

If you visit Subway frequently it is definitely worth having a card, as it’s surprising how quickly a few £3 lunch deals add up to give you freebies!

TopShop Jumper

I was thinking with the change in cooler weather that it might be nice to get a new jumper or 2 this year to update my Autumn/Winter look! I walked into a charity shop for a browse yesterday, and saw a lovely oversized khaki green number from TopShop – it was sooo nice!

I asked the old lady the price as it had no tag, and she said out of nowhere “£3???” – I saw that all the others said £5, and so snapped it up at the apparent reduced price! I look forward to throwing it on with scarves and over a denim shirt!

Good luck with the last weekend of the summer hols, and getting everything ready for the new term – where has the time gone? I hope you grab a few back to school bargs!


After a busy and tiresome trip to Norwich last weekend to see out newest nephew, we welcomed a chilled week staying close to home and lazy mornings! Despite that I have still managed to bag myself a few bargs, and this weeks deals and frugal choices have mostly been with thoughts of our summer holiday and getting prepared…if you are jetting off soon with the fam, you may find it useful!

Holiday Extras

We fly to Italy on Wednesday where the baraginous Summer holiday we have been so very much looking forward to will become a reality! All of us have holiday clothes, or at least a summer wardrobe that is sufficient for the Italian weather….Alice however does not!

Being only a baby last year her newborn summer style is long gone and her 12m one is lacking and all a bit random! She has a few dresses, shorts, tops and leggings, but not really enough of things that would be suitable and comfortable for her in 34 degree weather!

Its a real random mix of handmedowns and the odd thing iv’e picked up in sales and charity shops that need a few extras to boost it and make it enough!

With this as my priority I popped into H&M yesterday (it really is my fave for kids) and managed to get her a hat, 2 rompers (one of which was a gorgeous lace number), a pair of shorts and a dress for 11.99!! They were all (minus the hat for £2.99) on sale and then with the added bonus that all sale in store is on 3 for 2!  I easily saved about £15 and she has some lovely extras to make up outfits, and make it up to enough outfits, for our holiday next week!

Hand Luggage and toiletries

Our latest thing when flying is we NEVER check any luggage. To us we think its a waste of money when you can fit all you need in hand luggage cases, so we easily save some £’s by doing this!

We realised a couple of years ago that we can make do with the hand luggage only and so we mix and match our outfits, or only take what we need instead of like 10 extra’s, and it works great! If someone has more stuff than another we squish into someone elses case, but between 4 little cases there is plenty of space for the whole fam for a week!

The only down side to travelling this way however is our toiletries and sun cream – of course you can only take 100ml on flights and I find that the travel size ones are both too small and expensive with all of us using them for a week (we’d need quite a few)! Instead I buy the cheap clear bottles from the pound shop and fill them with our sun cream, and then just buy our shower gel, shampoo and conditioner from Lidl when I buy the food on day 1. It only costs about 3 euros and saves faffing and big spending on the travel size ones!

M&S Final Clearance

I know I am getting old purely by the fact I am loving a lot of things each season from M&S! What I didn’t realise though was that their final clearance in store is reduced to a whopping 90% off!!!! I’m talking £45 dresses for £4.99, £40 trousers for £3.99 and shoes for £4.99!!

I went into the Beverly store yesterday with my sister in laws and we were all going a little nuts about it so I decided to check out the Bridlington one today – I came away with a Zebra print skirt for £3.99 from £35 and a wicked shirt dress for £3.99 from £39.50!!! I was actually going nuts in the shop and was delighted. My only sadness came when I saw an amazing striped top down to £1.29 and they only had a size 16 or 20 🙁 

Be sure to check out those final clearances whilst you are out and about this weekend – let me know what you get!


We still don’t have a date for moving into our own house (whaaaaaa), but are feeling more settled at Grandma’s. Most of the week she has been kind enough to take us to and from school in her mini bus, and the kids have loved it! In between that we have fun on the Northern Trains hopping on and off to and from school and sometimes taking our journey a little further afield. On Thursday Ethan took his bike on the train too – that was interesting!!!

We are all thoroughly enjoying this glorious weather that has graced us this week (What an improvement to last!) the kids have spent endless hours in the garden, and yesterday Alice and I took advantage of the lovely sunshine and hopped on a train up to Bridlington to see my mum and sisters for a lunch date. Together we celebrated mums and my little sisters Birthdays and it was lovely. It was so great to wander, see the boats, soak up the views and just generally be thankful we only live 20mins from this lush coast now!

Go Ape Competition

Next Saturday we are heading to Dalby Forest to tackle Go Ape with the kids for Megsies birthday celebrations. Unfortunately last week we had to postpone as Nathan has a job interview, but we are excited. Whilst looking into it I saw they had a competition running and wanted to share this with you all as it looks like a great way to be in with a chance of a FREE visit to your local Go Ape as well as some other goodies!

Basically they are searching for the UK’s most adventurous authors between the ages of 4 and 12, with the chance to win a selection of adventurous books – as well as a group adventure in the tree tops with their tribe!

“Go Ape is all about living life adventurously, and Mini Tarzan’s will simply need to write 100-500 words describing their favourite adventure for the team. These tales can be completely made up or a real account of an exhilarating escapade – if it’s fictional, then imaginations can run wild!

Prizes will be awarded to the winners of the following categories:

  • Best fiction author (for ages 4-7 and 8-12)
  • Best non-fiction author (for ages 4-7 and 8-12)
  • Best character (for ages 4-7 and 8-12)
  • Best use of language (for ages 4-7 and 8-12)

As well as this, an additional prize will be awarded to the favourite entry by Go Ape’s two Chief Gorillas – Tristram and Rebecca Mayhew.

Within each age range judges will review the quality relative to age, so all monkeys, whether big or small, will have the same chance of winning!”

Entries are open now until midnight, Thursday 22nd June, 2017 and for further info, T&C’s and to enter visit goape.co.uk/adventure-stories. Handwritten entries can be scanned in and sent to marketing@goape.co.uk.

Family & Friends Railcard

With our new school run being somewhat of an adventure and several miles away, I decided last week to invest in “family & friends railcard” so as to be able to save 1/3 off our adult fares, and 60% off the kids when using the train.

It has been mint and has cut down my travel expenses significantly (especially now that Megs is 5 too).

It usually costs £30 for the year but with code FAMILY10 you can save 10% making it just £27 (offer ends 2 September)! What’s great is that you can use it for up to 4 adults and 4 kids 5 – 15 in any one journey, which I find rather generous. I figure whilst it does cost initially with all of the travel we are doing now it will easily pay for itself.

I am very excited for the Summer holidays where we plan on having adventures galore, and it is going to prove to be very valuable!

Enjoy the scorcher of a weekend we’ve been promised… I am thinking beach, sandcastles, ice creams, paddling and hopefully some sneaky fish & chips. Why not when it’s on our doorstep??


Erm where did Summer go please? I am really not enjoying the monsoon season we seem to have been flung into and it’s really thrown me off, making me all a little sad. I need some sun ray’s on my skin very soon please!

This week has been a funny old week, not only because of the torrential rain we’ve been subject to, but also because we had my Granddad’s funeral on Tuesday. That combined with still fighting the tiredness from moving and a complete change to life, I feel really weird right now. I am hoping that I will start to feel more me again soon, but in the meantime its been all systems go with the kids starting school in the village we are eventually moving to, their uniforms ordered (nothing frugal about that bill!), and then I have been trying my best to establish some routine for us whilst we are here living in limbo at Grandma’s house. In the process of all of that I have of course scouted out a few bargs along the way!


Rain coats (or any coat for that matter) have been the bane of my life this week. When I was packing to move it was a heat wave and all the coats/jackets and raincoats were put in a box and then went into storage. I wrongly assumed summer was here and we would be fine for a couple of weeks before we were reunited with them again and it was just extra “stuff” to take to our temporary home. But in true British style here we are in the midst of a down pour!

I headed into town yesterday with the goal to find Megs and Alice a raincoat to keep them going (Ethan thankfully had one in the car) and managed to find them both one very cheap. Megs was a pink “Lilly and Jack” mac for £3.50 and Alice a Next raincoat from the charity shop for £2.99. I was delighted!

Pizza Party

Megan turned 5 on Wednesday, it is not a party year but despite that we always treat them to a tea party or something special for dinner. We hoped to go out but are all done in and so said we would do that over the weekend. As a compromise Megan really wanted some cheese pizza and asked if we could order in Domino’s!

I was all for buying it (it was her birthday after all and an excuse not to cook), but then when we nipped into Tesco we saw they had the Chicago Town Take Away stuffed crust Pizza’s for £2.50 on offer. The stuffed crust drew her in and as they are super yummy she really wanted them instead (SCORE) so we bough 4 of those (to share with family too) and spent only £10 instead of £20-30!

High Interest Saver

And finally by far the best frugal choice this week…one that hasn’t saved just us money, but made us some! It comes in the form of interest. Our house is sold but we have not yet made a purchase, so in the mean time our money from the sale is sat doing nothing. We decided to open a high interest saver which pays 10x more interest than a regular and so until the purchase comes through it is sat in there making us a nice little chunk on a daily basis!

This weekend we are doing more celebrating of Megsie being 5, and hoping for a chilled one. Whatever you are doing I hope its great and filled with deals and bargs along the way!