It’s been a funny old week this week with a lot of our days mainly spent playing indoors / at home, or at the village park with friends and cousins. The plans we had went mostly out of the window, with the days being more spontaneous and slow which was needed after lots of travelling and late nights! We have enjoyed another week of the Summer Holidays, with my favourite ordinary moment this week being that of seeing Ethan & Megan sat together sewing and creating fabulous hand puppets.

Before we even broke up from school for the Summer break, Ethan had asked if we could sew and make hand puppets one day in the hols. He has loved the idea since he made one in class and wanted to make them again with Megs, and so of course I said “Yes”! It has taken us a couple of weeks to track some kits down, but on Thursday, in good old faithful Wilko’s we found them – and he couldn’t have been more excited!

On Friday we had to wait in for the BT man to come (round 3) and so whilst I used the time to pack for our holiday, they sat sewing, sticking and creating. The harmony and friendship between them was lovely! The help Ethan offered his sister was great to witness, and it was a moment that made my heart full! I hope they will alway have a desire to hang out with each other. 

I love the ages the kids are at right now – young enough to still need me, yet old enough to do tricky things independently. I love to see them getting along, laughing and chatting about people and life whilst they sit out on the decking sewing hand puppets! It was an ordinary Friday, an ordinary moment of sibling harmony and therefore a great mama moment!

The Ordinary Moments

A few weeks ago I was driving from the coast when I saw a beautiful field of Poppies. Immediately my thoughts turned to our baby girl Poppy (our stillborn daughter in 2014) and memories and wonderment ran through my mind. I often will say how hard it is to have her missing from every picture I take, from every memory we share and from every ordinary moment of life.

With a name like Poppy it is easy to find associations and little keepsakes to help us reflect on her, but what I have wanted most is pictures. Pictures of all of my kids, pictures that remind me as the years pass by that I have had 4 kids and not just the 3 little beans everyone sees us with. The Poppy fields seemed like a great setting – a great place to show my 3rd child in pictures.

Since she has died we have used the Poppies growing at the side of roads, fields and parks, to illustrate her still living in heaven to the kids. We often will say “Oooo Poppies, maybe she’s been here and has left these to remind us!”.  It is an ordinary moment on days we see them growing, to be excited at the thought of her. The kids use them (like hundreds of others with the wars) to remember and talk of their sister.

I thought of different set ups we could have, but in the end, and with some tips from my friends at Sands, a simple family shoot in a Poppy field seemed right. As we passed some Poppy fields on Thursday I coaxed the kids out of the car for a “Practice run”, but of course things with kids rarely go to plan. Between shoving each other, whining and my battery dying (don’t get me started on that), we ended up with only a couple of semi decent ones. I look at them though and see my world in one picture. And whilst I still want to try and get us all in a Poppy field for a “Proper” family photo shoot, but for now I see the beauty of my living kids next to the simple beauties of a Poppy field, and for one ordinary little moment 2 worlds combine to capture my blessings.

I will never have all 4 in pics (or even my arms), but little moments like this along the way briefly fill my heart with joy!

The Ordinary Moments

A few weeks ago Megan came home from school excited to tell me about a concert they were practising for at their new school which we now know to be called “little big sing”. It took her a while to give the deets, and to be honest initially I wasn’t 100% sure whether she has misunderstood something or made it up (which happens a lot in Megan’s world). Over a day or so we mostly understood, and Ethan confirmed they were indeed practising a number of pieces for a concert of some description!

We became even more excited when they said they would be singing at the Bridlington Spa (hello theatre performance!) and yesterday my mum and I had the pleasure of going along to see them.

It wasn’t anything like what we had thought … all of us were expecting to see their school on stage singing and dancing, and they too thought that’s what they were doing. In actual fact there was a live band and music director on stage leading about 10 different schools (made up of key stage 1) in a “big sing” of songs they had all independently being learning. It was so random and funny!

We sat on the balcony and cheered and laughed whilst the little voices rose up sounding absolutely gorgeous. We watched them wiggle, twirl, clap and beam. We tapped our toes and waved along, and enjoyed a wonderful afternoon of music and positivity.

For the last couple of weeks we have thoroughly enjoyed being serenaded with duets from Ethan and Megan at home and out and about at train stations and parks – It has been great. I love to hear my kids sing and see them dancing, and I love to have music in our lives and let go together. I love the ordinary moments of feeling joy and free, unified by musical beats!

Little big sing wasn’t at all what I expected, but it was a breath of fresh air from everyday life to be in a hall with live musicians and the joyful spirits of kids filling the air. What a wonderful way to spend a Monday afternoon. Roll on next year and let’s make this a tradition and ordinary moment of Summer!

The Ordinary Moments

From the huge (and very emotional) step of baby towards toddler, it’s almost a guaranteed ordinary moment to receive your first little bike or trike. Its usually something small to practice balancing on and something to keep you busy. Something simple to explore and to aid in the walking and gross motor skills of toddler-hood! For mine it was and always had been a “Scuttle bug” – I find them rather cute and funky, easy to store and great for transporting around with you. I hadn’t really thought much about one for Alice, despite her quickly approaching her first birthday, but much to her delight, and very much by chance, on Saturday she had her turn to receive one!

It’s not her birthday yet, and it wasn’t for any particular purpose other than a hand-me-down. Only this scuttle bug isn’t just any hand-me-down and nor is it just second hand – its more in the 4th hand region and it has, without intention, become an heirloom of sorts!

And so it was a very special moment to see Alice get on it and love it so much.

This scuttle bug 5 Years ago was my nieces; she had pink and Ethan Yellow. And then she passed it to my sister, who when I had Megan swapped the pink for Ethan’s outgrown yellow. Megan had months of fun pottering around on it before she too outgrew it, and moved onto bigger, more stable balance bikes! At this point it was passed to our twin nieces, who now 3, too have out grown them and are slowly moving onto other things. As we left their party on Saturday my sister handed it back for Alice (should we want it) and she was delighted to receive it…

She stood up and reversed backwards on it with precision. She bounced about on it in a giddy manner and she was occupied for ages by its little handles, wheels and pinkness! She was truly in her element!

It isn’t new but it holds memories for us all and it has become an ordinary moment of passing it to the next little tot as their first little bike. Now Alice gets to roll, play and waddle about on the scuttle bug that was once her sister’s and cousins! I love to see her enjoying it and hitting this stage in life!