This week has just flown by with it being our half term, and I feel we have had a great balance of both taking it easy and going on some adventures. We have seen cousins & old friends, been swimming and to Halloween parties, seen the my little pony movie (!!!), been to the park and a soft play, and even a great trip to Ikea yesterday to assist us in some DIY projects this weekend! In some ways I wish we had gone to the pumpkin patches or stately homes I had scoped out, but what we have done has been great, and we just generally enjoyed our week of freedom together.

Left over pumkins

With Halloween been only been a couple of days ago, there is a likely chance your pumpkins might still be in a fairly decent state? If not I have seen them ridiculously cheap (or even free – Sainsbury’s White Rose) and they are a great ingredient for warming meals this Autumn.

My sister in law gave us the idea to make a Thai Pumpkin Soup, and I have since seen on Pinterest, where I have found ideas from curries and soups to stirfry’s and Risottos. Of course there are also the good old pumpkin pies, cakes and cookies too. It’s such a cheap and versatile ingredient, and with benefits such as lower blood pressure and a healthier heart, why not save a few quid on dinner this weekend and chop up those pumpkins and get creating something warm and tasty! It will be uber frugal of you, and you may discover a new family fave full of goodness in the process to enjoy in Autumn!

Let me know what ideas you come up with!

25% off at Sainsbury’s

Every so often, and rather frequently really, you will notice that Sainsbury’s off 25% off all clohting in their stores. I love it, especially when I need to buy the kids school uniform or kit them out for a new season! Even more delightful about their 25% off is that I have recently realised that this includes 25% off sale stuff too (whooop), guaranteeing an absolute barg!

Last Saturday we enjoyed a lovely day in York, and as I was aware of the 25% off, I wanted to call by Sainsbury’s Monk Cross on the way home to get Alice some PJ’s! I was successful in my mission and bought her some lovely onesies that were £9 down to £6.75. Nath took the opportunity to get some new work trousers (£12 to £9), and Ethan a watch with his Birthday money (£10 to £7.50). The greatest saving however was on the Sale stuff I got. Some leggings for Alice (worked out at 80p) and 2 tops for me – One a beautiful embroidered number that started out life at £20, but with sale and 25% off was a brilliant £4.50! And then a chill stripes and flowers Tshirt for £3.75. Both were lovely and made my day!

Tomorrow we are hopefully sorting out our pit of a entrance way (shoes.everywhere), and decorating that, so watch this space for me sharing our spruced up new home, thrifty picks, and design ideas over the coming weeks/months! Have a good one people.


This week has been all about the sales, and one of those where my diary was pretty bare on Monday, and yet each day has been busy busy with fun and lovely things, adventures and chats. The highlight for Alice was when her best-mate cousin (the only one her height and age so of course instant buddy) showed up on Tuesday and together we all (myself, Grandma and some of my sister in laws and kids) ended up having a cheeky pizza express lunch out. It was great, tasty, and a final opportunity to hang out with our newest of Nephews, little “Wesley” before he went back home after a few days visit with mummy to see us all! This was also a rather bargainous visit as students get 40% off on Tuesday’s (maybe Wednesday’s too) with an NUS card – so if you know any students take them along like we do!!!!

Wednesday we enjoyed a lovely visit to the seaside again, but this time to meet up with my longest of friends from School. Last year she too had a baby girl (her first), and now that we are back in the area, we have high hopes of them being friends for life too! She is one of those of people that no matter how much time passes or what path life takes you on, you always just pick up and it feels like yesterday! I always enjoying talking with her because its chilled and she has known me for so long I can say anything without judgement. The sun wasn’t what we hoped but a great day despite.

You may have noticed that most places have their mid-season sales on now, and this weeks bargs are mostly a result of having a “quick look”!

Zara Sale

On Thursday the Zara Sale started. If you love Zara then you will understand why this is so exciting. I had no plans so my youngest of sister in law’s drove me to school with the kids and then we headed into Hull to have a nosy! It was absolutely packed and there were so many lovely things. Some stuff is reduced a lot, others only a few pounds, but its definitely worth scouting out!

I tried on so many things and really wanted to buy some culottes but they just don’t look good with my sparrow legs! In the end I just bought a gorgeous striped number with embroided detail on the shoulder. Its a good all rounder and was £9.99 from £15.95. Stripes and colour – very me! I will probably go back again in a couple of weeks for one last look as they usually lower it all again then…of course there is always the risk of your size not being there.

Tesco Sale

Again another clothing sale, this time Tesco. They too have some lovely things in at the moment and I was pleased to find me a white top with frill bottom for £3 from £10. I like it because it’s dressy but also chill.


Sliders are everywhere at the moment and most useful for being at the pool (holiday’s of course) and beach. I was still undecided whether or not I wanted to embrace this trend, but when I saw some awesome hologram Schuh ones for £3.50 in the charity shop on Saturday I had to have them.

They were incredibly comfy and useful at the beach over the weekend, and are most definitely my most comfiest shoe! I wear them most days and are convenient to pop on in the garden too.

Finally with being at Grandma’s, we are fortunate to be able to have access to her vegetable garden. We haven’t had to buy strawberries this week as she has loads for the taking – ripe and ready! The kids love picking them and they’ve been lovely with Greek Yogurt…So yes, I’d say that that is the ultimate frugality of the week (and you can’t get fresher than garden to bowl in 2 mins)!!