Last week I wrote a whole post about the kids going to school and the changes taking place for them in September. The visit we had was great and felt good, things seemed to be going so well…all feeling so right and natural, everything was coming together. But do you ever have moments in your life when things are going along swimmingly…you make plans, set the ball in motion and it feels good for a while and then something just doesn’t feel right? You can’t always explain it to people but there’s something in your gut that is making you question it?
This has been me recently with my little Megsie and the decision we made to send her to the school nursery with E.
InstagramCapture_a0b57a7d-66fc-488b-add8-469984fb100aAfter a lot of back and forth questioning and to be honest feeling quite anxious in myself too, I realised that the problem was that I wasn’t truly happy or comfortable with the choice we had made to move her to the schools nursery. I realised that I wanted to stay true to what I had originally felt to be right and keep her in Montessori education until she is old enough for “big school” – I never even wanted my kids in nursery because I don’t work in a job that requires them to be and I didn’t see the point in them being there when I was at home. We have a busy life with lots of adventures and felt at this age I was giving them a good natural education in the world around them. I did however, when I learn’t of Montessori feel good about them being in a Montessori setting a couple of days a week as it was a natural  approach and followed the child’s strengths and interests and helped them with life skills and the world around them as oppose to other things. It complemented what I believed was good for kids of this age and so after finding one by chance we enrolled them and we have never looked back on that choice.
1503887_10152558501861553_7184197139710090879_nI dropped them an email on Wednesday and asked if we could stay, if they still had a space for Megs in September – and to my joy they did! YAAAYYY! As soon as the email was sent my anxieties left, a weight was lifted and I haven’t thought about it since (except to write this!).
What has been even more eye opening is that after telling Megs the new plan she fist punched the air and said “yaaaayyyy I get to see my fwends and wabbits and chickens still” – the next day she was amazingly well behaved and went 2 days with no accidents (though i’m not 100% sure if that was this or the Tink outfit I bought her as an incentive – maybe a bit of both?). I

couldn’t be happier for her. Yes its a faff to get them both 2 days a week to different schools but I will make the sacrifice because it is what we want and what obviously is a better choice for Megan. I am so happy we have another year with Montessori’s approach, lovely people and a beautiful school…WHOOP! 

11150944_10152959449091553_6378572857743291022_n“Education is a natural process carried out by the human individual, and is acquired not by listening to words but by experience in the environment.”         Maria Montessori 

Best of Worst

I wanted for a while and for many reasons to home educate my kids (at least for the first few years) It seemed so wonderful, so flexible and suited to the child… unfortunately due to our current circumstances and my uncertainty with grief we decided school was the right thing for them right now and this week opened the page to the chapter I have been dreading – the path to starting school/Nursery in mainstream education ahhhhhhh.
InstagramCapture_ee8971c3-38cd-4eb8-89bb-2202acc3a81fAs I sat at playgroup on Tueday morning I had the feeling I was supposed to be somewhere. I was. Ethan was due to visit his class room and new buddies on Tuesday morning and Megan Wednesday afternoon and I had completely forgotten Ethan’s visit! After a mad panic and a frantic phone call to school Ethan was able to tag along to the Wednesday group visit (which was far more convenient) and Megan into her new Nursery.

Megan went in with zero issues and not even a glance back (phew) and after telling them she was potty trained… came out having Pooped her pants and wet herself (awkward), but other than this minor set back I was surprised at how “right” and natural it felt taking them. No regrets, no worry. I dropped them off and felt calm and happy as oppose to the anticipated dread of this moment that has been brewing. They both left beaming and chatting all about their uniforms, friends, teachers, trophies, water play, drinking fountains and whole host of other things. They had made some pictures and new friends and greatly looking forward to September.
school visitIt wasn’t how I had hoped or imagined this phase of life to be for them but I am not disappointed either, it felt right and they were happy! I will really miss the wonderful staff and atmosphere of the Montessori nursery they have been attending but I know that this school will be great and also convenient for us all. The small numbers, kindness and values it has are perfect for our family and its a really good school and was our 1st choice – Bonus.

To mark the “end of an era” Ethan “graduated” pre-school on Saturday…
ethan graduationIt was lovely but also SO funny to see all of the extravagance for a bunch of 4 year old kids…the cap and gown cracked me up, but I am really pleased to have been a part of it because it was really sweet to watch and to hear and see just how fond of the kids all the staff are and to also mark the end of this phase and look forward to the next. I don’t worry about Megan in our next chapter…its only Nursery and she can hold her own and is fiercely independent but there are so many things I wonder and worry for about Ethan – What will be his strengths? What will we need to spend more time on? Who will be his friends? What will he look like in his uniform? Will he love the good old Biff, Kip and Chip books? Will he be happy? Will people like him? Will he stand his ground? Will he have fun? Adjust well to it? Will he shine?