This week has seen been all about new starts! The kids started back at school and Ethan back to Judo on Tuesday. Megan finally started Gymnastics, and then last night they both started swimming lessons. Its been rather busy and full on, but I am excited that they are getting active and throwing themselves into some new interests and extra-curricula activities! They’ve been delighted with each thing, and I have loved seeing it.

Grateful for…

This week I am grateful for my mother in law and one of my sister in laws (I have 6).

On Tuesday I was planning an “Alice in Wonderland themed” night for the 11 year old girls at church that would be moving up to my class this year when they turn 12! We call it “New Beginnings” and it is an opportunity to tell them about the programme for 12 – 18 yr olds, as well as welcome them. I had a whole list of things that needed to be done, and things I wanted to include and by Monday I was feeling a little under pressure.

With the kids back to school and so much to do, I asked my sister in law to help me with the baking for it. She was delighted to, and we had a lovely day making a Victoria sponge, butterfly buns and brownies, that all went down a treat!

I was grateful that she not only helped me, but that she came in the evening to help me set up for it too. During our baking sess, Nath’s mum had Alice so I could just get on and also made me a gorgeous Pepper, lentil and chilli soup for lunch! I felt well and truly looked after and helped, and I felt so blessed to have them close by.

Succeeded at…

As well as the aforementioned evening going well, I would have to say that my biggest success this week has been with getting the kids to their individual activities on time and by public transport! It’s not ideal not having a car midweek, and to add to that there has also been a train strike!

One of the classes (Judo) is at 8am…the others over dinner time (hello potential whining!), and it’s blumming hard work with 3 of them in tow, as well as to get them changed and fed. But we’ve done it! I felt a great sense of achievement last night that they’ve been able to get to all of these great classes with very little drama, and (the biggest success of them all) – on time!

Found Beauty In…

I thought it was really beautiful to see Alice sat reading with Grandma by the AGA for warmth! It was like a scene out of some oldie film, and was just lovely. She doesn’t tend to like being with anyone but Nathan or I, so to see her there happy and content was a gorgeous sight to see this week!

I am so glad that this week has come to an end. At the start of it I was a little anxious and now I am just worn out! I have a bit of a cold, but I am looking forward to our new routine, and all of the things the kids will be learning and experiencing in their new classes.

If you would like to share any achievements and nuggets of gratitude from your week, then please do link up below! I will comment before next week!


#MyHeartyLife Rules

You can link up one post a week that fits into either or all of the “Prompts”, and I ask that you at least comment on mine and one or 2 others too. Kindness costs nothing and a comment on your blog feels amaze!

Please use the #MyHeartyLife on Social media whenever to share the goodness and cheerful moments in your life that day! It might also help when summing up the week into a blog post to link up!

The Hearty Life
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One of my goals this year is to start a linky (Ta-da)! I wanted to do this for 2 reasons – firstly to break out of my comfort zone and invite other bloggers to hop along and link up their content that fits into my new title of “My Hearty Life”! And secondly because I want to focus more on the blessings and joyful things in life this year. The small moments that make life cheerful, wholesome and jovial, for these are the reasons I originally started my blog.

I realised when my 3rd baby was diagnosed with CHD and Trisomy 18 that life really can throw some curve balls and storms! There are all kinds of things that come our way and that will drag us down and make us feel sad and naff. They can be loss, failure, body image, health issues, unemployment, slog with little success, or losing our tempers! We may see the growth of others and their success and sometimes, when our progress is slow, we may feel jealous or not enough. We may be skint or fighting debt, we may just never feel quite enough! All these emotions are natural, and in some cases justified, but they are also not the only existing thing in life and we cannot allow them to dominate life, even though at times they are the major event in it!

I have learnt, since losing my daughter and then blogging alongside that … using it as an outlet to share the highs (as well as the lows) of life, that there are good things all the time in life. We are surrounded by people who help us, even when it seems others don’t care, and we are blessed with little successes all the times and reasons to be grateful even when life feels absolutely pants or generally chaotic! I have had terrible waves of grief and pain and suffering, I have days where I have asked 100 times “Why Me?”! And still now I do not know why, just as you will not know why you feel your battles are so unfair… but have you noticed the goodness recently? Did you remember what made you smile and laugh amidst the pain and tears?

I am a firm believer that there are always things in each day to be grateful for and things we have succeeded at (however big or small they may be). Sometimes those things a massive with a family holiday or day trip, sometimes they are the fact we got out of bed and got the kids to school clean and fed!

With this in mind, whether you are a parent, beauty blogger, bargain hunter, fashionista or traveller – each week I am going to share 3 things on a Friday in reflection of that week that celebrate “MyHeartyLife” and I hope you will too. It is so individual I feel it will fit for anyone, and you don’t need to be a blogger to join in the celebration of goodness in life – share it on Insta!

If you are a blogger linking up on Fridays, then I will have 3 prompts to help you focus on the good, and they can be summed up in a picture, words, or both! And feel free to share more than one thing (I find when I am grateful more and more things are noticeable)! So my Prompts are –

Gratitude – Was it a person? A new opportunity? The rain that never came? The bus that was late when you were too? The green light? The mysterious treats? The kids that went to bed on time with no fuss? The child that finished their dinner? Got 100% in a spelling test?

Success – An opportunity you’ve wanted? A new level of following on one of your channels? A weight loss goal? A shower that day? A tidy home? New decor? A charity shop find or voucher that saved some much need pounds?

Beauty – When did you feel beauty? When did you see beauty? Was it on a holiday? Was it when you found those perfect jeans? When you looked at your kids? When you glammed up for a do? When you were out for a walk? A drive? A sunset? on a picnic?

The options are endless as it is how you interpret it. And so I hope you will join in either on you blog or on Instagram and share with me (and others too) the good in you life that week! What made your life “Hearty”? What made you smile? What or who did you feel thankful for? What empowered you? # it with #MyHeartyLife!!

Forget the storms raging and the things you felt you failed at or are insecure about. Forget that you didn’t make the gym or shouted at your kids or made them rubbish for tea! Forget how you feel about your body or business or blog and take a few moments to reflect outwards in order to realise what was cheerful, joyful and wholesome, and what gave you reason to smile and feel gratitude! There is goodness in our lives and all around us, I want to notice it more this year and I hope you will too!


You can link up one post a week that fits into either or all of the “Prompts”, and I ask that you at least comment on mine and one or 2 others too. Kindness costs nothing and a comment on your blog feels amaze!

Please use the #MyHeartyLife on Social media whenever to share the goodness and cheerful moments in your life that day! It might also help when summing up the week into a blog post to link up!

Ahhhhh I am so excited – I know a linky is hard work, and I know it might be slow progress, but whether 1 or 30 join in, Ill be here every Friday (starting this week) sharing my joyful, hearty moments of life – see you there!!!

The Hearty Life