I have had a rather sociable week this week, which has been most refreshing. Some weeks I am quite happy to just stay at home, work on things and get organised – you know, kept it chill and wander! But then most weeks I really enjoy seeing people and having some days out and chats with other mums and Friends and this week was more so one of those and I have appreciated time with friends and family.

This week Alice and I have had a picnic at the park with her second cousins, have been to soft play in the neighbouring village and had a shopping trip and lunch with a friend! I have loved that I am one week away from completing my course and I have loved hanging with some of my sisters Friday night for my youngest sisters Birthday!

Grateful For …

This week I am really thankful for good health and feeling well and energized again. Good weather to get out and about and dress Summery. Sisters to have a laugh with and eat Ice cream by the tub with. And for fathers!

With it being Fathers day today it has been lovely to reflect on the blessing it is to have good Dad’s in life and father figures. I have felt grateful firstly for my Dad and for all of the laughs and adventures he has given us over the years. I am grateful for my Granddad and his humour, influence and example in my life. For my Father in Law and his love, humour, trips we’ve been on and guidance also. And finally for Nathan – he is such a kind, gentle and funny person – I love that my kids have a Dad who loves them so much. He is interested in their lives and wants them to succeed. He works hard to provide a safe and loving home for them, gives them lots of laughs and fun, and helps them with all sorts!

Dad’s come in all kinds of forms, and I am thankful that I have known such great, funny and wonderful fathers in my life!

Succeeded At….

Finishing all of my assignments for my college course! It felt absolutely brilliant to walk in to college on Wednesday evening knowing I had done all of my assignments and only had to print them off, arrange my folder and now cross reference it all before handing in the final copy this Wednesday!

Found Beauty In…

The fields on our walk to soft play….Alice asleep with her little hand under her chin… and watching the kids crowd Nathan this morning. It is so lovely to live where we do and have these moments as a family. I love the memories we are building and the moments we are capturing!




If you don’t know me by now, then let me remind you just how much I love a deal! I just love the feeling of getting something less than full price – it’s amazing. So, if there’s a cheaper way to get something I like/need, then I will usually find it. Whether it is in a sale, second hand, on offer, or one of my faves – with a voucher code, then I completely feel like I am winning at life to bag a deal on my purchases, and see how much I saved buying it via a cheaper way.

One habit I have for saving money on purchases is using online voucher codes. They are so easy to use, and sites like vouchercloud for example are rich with codes from an array of shops and restaurants that can help you get whatever you are buying significantly cheaper.

Using voucher codes are an excellent, hassle free way to be able to get your items or experiences with a percentage discount!

Recently, when window shopping in Debenhams I noticed several lovely things I wouldn’t mind in my life right now. Of course I didn’t buy them right there and then, no – that wouldn’t be thrifty practice at all! Instead I made my wish list and have been looking for SALES or Voucher codes that mean I can get them for a better price! Thankfully there are lots of offers and Debenhams discount codes on vouchercloud where you can keep upto date with sales, find codes, and bag some deals!

My Debenhams wishlist and Voucher codes

Whilst Debenhams guarantees some class and style, with good quality and design, it is often out of my budget. But thanks to the following savings (available via vouchercloud), I can make shopping at a department store like Debenhams much more affordable and gentle on the purse strings!

Here’s a look at what I am loving there right now, and an idea of the potential savings!

1. Swim Suit – I am more than ready for a new swimsuit in my life, and via vouchercloud you can save 30% on all swimwear (and beachwear/sandals/Summer dresses) at Debenhams. I have had my eye on these…

2. Flamingo top – I am rather obsessed with tropical animals, and most especially flamingos! When I saw this top on my wanderings I fell a little in love with it! It falls under the 20% off – bargain – and also is available in dress format!!


3. Home stuff – We are currently working on doing our house up in a style more fitting to our taste! Debenhams have some lovely home stuff and with Upto 50% off Homeware, it means these little beauts I have my eye on are a deal too!

Looking at these price savings I always want to ask people – why wouldn’t you use a voucher code and get it for cheaper? I make it a habit of googling voucher codes before clicking purchase, not just that, but buying these things also carries the added bonus of a FREE Mac gift when you spend over £60! Great savings and getting something for free… what are you waiting for?

Keep upto date with all the great offers at Debenhams and more by checking them all in one place – vouchercloud! I love it!

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Hello to you all on this lovely bank holiday weekend – I hope it is proving to be either relaxing or productive for you so far, and that you are looking forward to that extra day off tomorrow! How cool is it to be British and have these bonus holidays? I love it, and the opportunity it brings to have Nathan at home with us!

This week has been a rather busy one and also productive too. I have been out most nights which has been a real treat (albeit very tiring) – On Monday it was to the theatre, Wednesday to college, Thursday to a concert with Nath. Then this weekend we have spent most of Saturday decorating our kitchen whilst the oldest 2 have been at Grandma’s for a cousin sleepover. I am really pleased with how it looks, and can’t wait to do the conservatory tomorrow to compliment it!

In all of this I have been struggling with what has now been diagnosed as a kidney infection and consequently are on a course of antibiotics and feeling a little rough to say the least. I know I need to slow down, and rest (which I have done since coming home from church today), but I keep thinking that if I can just finish off our conservatory tomorrow I will be incredibly happy and feel very accomplished. Then I can chill out with the kids over half term, and enjoy our new space!

Grateful For…

This week I am super grateful for my sister for babysitting all 3 kids for us on Thursday so that we could go to a concert together. Back in December I bought Nathan Bryan Adams Tickets for Christmas, not only did this gain me a gazillion wifey points, but it meant that we were able to have a brilliant night out to Manchester Arena on Thursday! It was epic, and so much fun – a brilliant concert I would highly recommend!

Succeeded At…

Wallpapering for the first time, painting the kitchen, and beginning the conservatory (it has lots of ugly blinds we need to take down and generally needs freshening up). Suddenly our house is feeling more stylish and I am loving it!

I also succeeded at handing in my 3rd unit for college – it was all about Ethics/Ethical practice. I now only have 2 weeks to go (after half term) and will by then hopefully have finished my case study, 2 smaller units and summarized my journals to put in my portfolio! It feels great!

Found Beauty in…

One thing I always find so amazing at a music event or show, is that you are with thousands of people you don’t know and yet are unified by the one thing that brought you there. I love to look around and think “wow, we all share the same interest here and don’t even know one another”! I love singing with strangers or laughing together – it is a beautiful thing and something I always find so interesting.

It was a beautiful sight on Thursday, to look over the audience and see all the little phone lights swaying in sync as Bryan Adams performed “Everything I do, I do it for you”! I was blown away and it was lovely – I am glad I got to be a part of that. I found a lot of beauty in the whole evening, from the spirit of Manchester following the attack last year, to spending time with Nathan, enjoying classic tunes live, and singing with strangers!


One of the things I love about being British is how excited we get for a bit of Sun! I have loved the prospect of not only a longer weekend for this “bank holiday weekend”, but the fact that we also have a great weather forecast too! Just yesterday we embraced it in true British style when we saw the blue skies and sunshine, and got our shorts and sandals on and headed to the coast for a family beach day. It turned out the coast didn’t get the memo of us wanting a nice warm beach day and with the cool coastal winds and plenty of whining from me and the kids that we were cold, we called it a day and headed home.

This week has been such a crazy kind of week with my TV appearance and a delayed trip to London, followed by the aftermath of emotions that come from sharing our story and the usual busy day to day stuff of family life. I really need to take some time out and rest from it all and process things. It was great and hard, and it has been good to see the results… but boy am I tired!

 Grateful For …

This week I am grateful for Channel 5 doing their piece on Stillbirth, and for being a part of that. I am grateful that despite the mega long delay, that I made it in the end to say something and join the panel of such brave and courageous parents!

I am also grateful for the yummy Mexican food we enjoyed yesterday for dinner – I tried a new recipe and it was really tasty! I am grateful for new friends in the village that I am loving getting to know, and finally for Nathan – who is always on my side and supporting me, and is such a wonderful husband and father. It makes me happy to be together on family outings and to look and see him and our children together having fun!

Succeeded At …

It didn’t feel like a success with the train issues getting in the way of things, but Nath said I most certainly did succeed at helping to raise awareness and share our story via channel 5’s “Stillbirth: Still a Taboo”. I need to get over the fact I missed the live portion (it might be next week’s success!). But we also successfully made it home again to Yorkshire with all of the delays/cancelled trains that met us at Kings Cross that night.

But aside from that chunk of the week taken up with trains, Tv and London, I also successfully got to college the following day despite feeling “meh”, and then got the kids to swimming on time and home again without missing the train on Thursday. I successfully made a mexican feast yesterday, and successfully ate a whole tub of Ben & Jerry’s too (hahaha)!

Found Beauty In…

Alice has started reaching for Megan whenever she is sad or afraid, and then wraps her arms around Megs for a big sisterly hug. It is so gorgeous to see and brought tears to my eyes the first time I saw her do it. They have a beautiful little bond and I love how Alice is wanting to be with Megs more and more.

So yes – Sisterly hugs at the park and home, pink blossom trees, and the kids engrossed in playing at the beach together yesterday were all the things I found beauty in this week. With high emotions and feeling “meh” it was nice to see these special things around me!

I hope you have a fab bank holiday, and let’s hope that sun keeps shining so that in true British style we can crack the BBQ’s out and flock to the seaside!