Saturday was such a random and far from ordinary day for me, and yet when you look at it, it’s such an Ordinary moment in the calendar for many bloggers! I finally attended Britmum’s live (a parenting blogger conference) down in London, where I had the pleasure of meeting lots of new people, familiar people and even famous people! I travelled down on the 5.30am train, and whilst anxious, nervous and exhausted, I was also VERY excited to go to a blogging conference I have had on my goals now for a couple of years and be kid free in London (Thanks Nath)!

I sometimes feel scared to call myself “a blogger” (or maybe embarrassed?), and therefore admit to the world that this is what I do. And not just what I do, but that it’s something that I thoroughly enjoy doing and am very passionate about too! I think people who don’t get blogging or blogs will never get it, and that’s why ordinary moments like blogging conferences are so great – you get to meet and be with people who love what you love/do, and you get confidence to say “Yes I am a REAL blogger!!

I love blogging and being a blogger because I love to share our story and my view of life (with all of my pains, experiences, adventures, bargains and ordinary moments). I love to write about loss and grief and hit it head on in a hope to educate, inform and break the silence of stillbirth and life without one of your kids. I love to share things people might think are awkward as well as documenting the day to day with parenting wins and fails, life as mum and the moments that make us cry, laugh and feel proud. I love to share my style, my interests and what makes me, well me !

I am a blogger – it’s what I do and what I love, and there is nothing more empowering and joyful than taking a trip to the capital to be in the presence of so many wonderful and inspiring people I have admired and become friends with online. People like me that have a love or passion and want to share it with the world too. People who share their stories, their adventures, their beautiful families and their highs and lows in their own unique way. People I see as friends that I can finally grab and hug, laugh and chat with, and brainstorm with whilst putting the world to rights! Being at a blogger conference is more than learning the tecchy stuff or eating gorgeous food (it was lush!), its an opportunity to be with friends and like minded people. Its filled with moments that empower and motivate you, and fuel you to go for it (whatever “it” is to you).

I have in the past been mocked, degraded and criticised for my blog. People have opinions, and sadly some of them aren’t kind. I am at times a sensitive soul and so even though I knew they were just opinions, they still hurt me and made me question myself and what I was doing. But I quickly realised that that is a few small people with their own view points, and bringing another person down (for whatever reason) is nothing short of mean! I write to help others, and I write because it brings me joy to focus on the good things in life despite the rubbish. I am grateful that the majority of people who see that as a good thing and something to enjoy with me and celebrate for our family.

I am a blogger and its cool what I do. Its inspiring and its a wonderful thing to have a passion (especially one that comes with rewards beyond that of the joy of writing it). Its something that helps me, whilst helping others. It’s an outlet, a journal of our big moments and ordinary moments, and a log of our life’s adventures together! I learnt a lot at Britmum’s live from YouTube experts to big bloggers, but I learnt most of all that London is a beautifully quiet place early in the morning, and contentment and confidence in the fact that I am a Blogger – Yes a real blogger, that loves to blog, be online and work with brands. I absolutely love what I do, I loved being with the people who get it and I love those (near and far) who support me in it! Blogging is great and there’s room for all.

The Ordinary Moments

As I arrived at the entrance to Kings Cross station on Saturday evening following a great (and very busy) day at Blogfest. I was greeted by 2 tired, soggy and very giddy children whom I call my kids! They had spent the day being tourists in London with daddy, and whilst they had walked a total of 11 miles, being rained on and being on far too many tubes to remember they were absolutely over the moon and couldn’t wait to tell me about everything they had seen despite their weary legs.

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I love London, and living in Yorkshire it’s not somewhere we frequently go despite it being rather easy to access with the direct trains. The last time we went was for the weekend about 2/3 years ago and before that I don’t know when..maybe 8 years? Either way as soon as I step foot in to the city, tube stations or just set eyes on its history and fast paced way of life, I realise just how great of a place it is and how you forget just how cool it is.

Ethan has never been and Megan was only a tot when we last went and so for them it was seen through new eyes and I don’t think they could quite believe it! They told me all about how they had seen a big clock called Ben, Poppies galore for the Remembrance weekend, Dinosaurs and space at the museums and a wheel so massive I wouldn’t believe it!!! (Only I would because I’ve been on it but don’t tell them). They explored modern art at the Tate modern, lit candles in St Paul’s and watched soldiers at “the Queens Palace”. They witnessed street performers in Covent gardens, ran past the spooky London dungeons and saw the shard from a distance, and from the sounds of it I think the underground is somethingĀ  that will be a novel concept to them for a very long time. It was an incredible adventure for them and I am so grateful for my last minute win to blogfest that meant we could go visit London.

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I loved blog fest; it was inspiring, interesting, funny, and as always so lovely to meet the people behind the blogs I love so much, as well as old and new friends. I loved mingling with people and listening to MPs, authors and just really cool inspiring people. But mostly I loved that it gave my kids one of the best adventures they’ve had in a while.

Thank you Mr Smith for taking them to so many spectacular land marks and capturing the moment for my blogĀ  (I’ve taught you well), but mostly for enabling me to be able to go to blogfest and embracing my spontaneous ideas.

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