Hello and welcome back to another week of “MyHeartyLife” – an opportunity for us to share in the goodness and positive points of the previous week!

I feel like this week has just flown by, which is great because we are so close to our holiday now (12 days) that I am starting to get just an incy bit excited! I have been buying loads of English treats for my friends and our family in the states, and sorting out the kids wardrobes to see what they will need extra!

I can’t believe though the difference in weather to last week! It’s so crazy how we have gone from a frozen, Winter Wonderland, to a beautiful mild and sunny Springtime feel in a matter of days. I have loved the milder feel, and when I know that it’s here to stay I will be looking forward to packing away big jumpers , feather coats and scarves, and getting out more colourful T-shirts, tops and pumps! I can’t wait to seeing nature come alive again and enjoy the colours of flowers and green fields!

Grateful for…

This week I feel grateful for Nathan again. I guess I am always grateful he’s mine, and we have what we do/each other, but when I am having a hard time I am especially grateful for his understanding and general desire to make me smile! This week, with the build up to Mother’s Day (and other things) I have been feeling rather anxious, and so I have been grateful to be able to talk to him – someone who get’s it, and was there – and to have his hugs and reassurance.

I am also grateful for Easter eggs in the shops – I had a sneaky one at the weekend and it was delish!


My biggest success this week was that I have been super organised, and been able to get the kids sorted for our holiday! I have done all of the laundry and taken out what they will need, as well as hitting up Primark, Next clearance and H&M! I have managed to get them a few extra weather appropriate bits for them to add to what still fits, and whilst I didn’t want to have to venture back into the city, it has been nice to get them a few new things (on budget)! I have it all in outfits in a Lidl bag, ready to iron and pack in their cases sometime next week.

Does anyone else find that their kids grow like beanstalks? Taller and Taller each season.

Found beauty in…

On Wednesday Alice and I had a lovely little adventure up to Sewerby Park near Bridlington (East Yorkshire) with my longest of friends and her little girl who is 2 months older than Alice. We have been so many times but never fail to have a lovely time! It was sunny, mild, the flowers were blooming and it was a beautiful spot to have a walk and some fresh air. It was so lovely to see the little ones running around together, and for us to catch up and chat. When I see them toddling around together, my hope is that they will find such a great and lasting friendship like that which their mummy’s have with one another!

It was beautiful to see snowdrops in abundance and stroll through the quaint little walled gardens. I always find grand houses and their grounds so beautiful – especially when shared with such great people!

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The Hearty Life


For years now we have talked about going to America on a holiday to see the friends and family we have there! Nathan has family in Utah, and we both have friends there too, and then there is the major thing of me having lived in Arizona for almost a year and a half back in 06/07!! All are are, and have been, major factors in us wanting to visit those 2 states!

Living in Arizona was fantastic! I was there as a Missionary for the LDS church, and whilst life was a little different to normal every day life, the adventure was still huge and the people I lived with and met absolutely marvellous. After the first Summer I became a lover of the heat (except when riding my bike), and I have since looked forward to the day I could return with Nathan and our family to see more of the touristy things, and generally show them around a place that means so much to me.

Up until now we have never really felt justified in spending the money to go as we knew it would be on the higher end of our budget for a holiday. Nathan was a student for 4 years and then I have always seemed to be pregnant, and with another on the way it always just felt like the money would be best used elsewhere (not to mention who wants to do all that travelling whilst pregnant?!). Last year we obviously knew we were moving house, and so our finances were wrapped up in that major adventure, and whilst it was still a goal we had, it was just in the background as something we would do soonish. It got to the point, as we talked about our plans once there, that we decided that if we could we would definitely go this year!

Cheap flights

And so this year came, and with it lots of flight price watching on skyscanner! We talked everyday about it becoming a reality as they fluctuated up and down, and then on the last day of January we took the bull by the horns and booked it! It felt so spontaneous, but then wasn’t at all! We got a fab deal being that all 5 of us are flying (return) for £1,476 – an absolute bargain!!!

We are flying with Air New zealand from Heathrow to LA, and I have never known it to be so cheap. We seriously thought it would easily be £2,000 if not more! And so we are off – for 2 whole weeks to America and we are super excited for what awaits.

A mega road trip 

We plan on having a Mega road trip – the ultimate adventure thus far for us all!

Last year we did a lot of driving in Italy, and whilst we know that this is far longer, the fact that there are so many new and amazing sights to take in, and people to look forward to seeing, it somehow makes it a bearable and exciting prospect!

Our journey will start in LA with a day or so of seeing the sights and Hollywood. From there we will drive to Arizona and stay with friends for a few days in Mesa, where we will see lots of special people and places. In Mesa I will show them some of the places I lived, climb a mountain and see the dessert, and then the annual Easter Pageant too which is brilliant!

From Mesa we will drive north to the Grand Canyon for a few hours, and then continuing north through some of the other canyons, we will stop for a night in St George (Southern Utah) and chill there for a bit. The next day we will drive up to the Provo/Salt Lake areas of Utah where will spend a week with family and friends, and show the kids some major sites from our churches history. I expect we will just have fun, maybe head into the odd mountain but mainly just enjoy being with friends in America.

Finally we will head back via Las Vegas for a fun day on the strip and a night in a hotel – see the sights, all before reaching LA and flying home to England!

Our biggest outgoing will of course be travel, with the odd hotel in LA, St George and Vegas, which I have found some great deals on too. As we will be on the road a lot and have a bucket list purely with like 20 eateries on, and so we expect quite a bit will be spent on food that is no good for us but delicious all the same. Most of our days will be spent doing free things and seeing places of natural beauty, and as we are mostly staying with friends and family it will be home from home and a huge saver!

The whole thing sounds both ridiculous with 3 kids and yet absolutely amazing too. The kids are excited for all the root beer and giant portions, Sunshine, Pancake stacks and seeing giant cacti in the dessert. We are excited for a holiday and to be able to see so many incredible people and places.

I can’t wait to share in the beautiful Arizona sunsets with Nathan, and experience life on the road in America with my faves! Watch out peeps – we’re all coming to America and can’t blooming wait!


Aside from the gorgeous flurry of snow we had at the weekend, it hasn’t been the best of weeks. Nothing too major, just more of life (you know?) and probably a feeling of being done with January now! And so when you feel like that, it can be quite hard to remember the good things can’t it? I know I have struggled initially to remember them all, and so for that reason it is good, and has been good for me to find time to ponder and pick out what actually went well and worked out this week. As I have done this in preparation for this weeks update, I have found myself feeling thankful for the fact that I started this weekly update of goodness to remind me “It ain’t so bad” and that there is always something to smile about.

Grateful For…

A bit random but stay with me on this one. This week I am most grateful for Winter, and it meaning we wear big jumpers and puffy coats! On Tuesday (in attempt to be more a fun mum with the toddler) I took Alice on the train to the coast for some swimming. I wanted to take her there because they have little pools to paddle in, and slides, and all kinds of fun watery things!

Aside from the initial screaming her head off due to the ridiculously loud music from aqua aerobics, we had a great time! Then we got out, and then I realised – WE HAD NO TOWELS!!! There I was with a dripping wet, chilly tot and no towel to wrap her in! The absolute biggest mum fail (who goes swimming without towels?!). Thinking on my feet I stripped her off and wrapped her in my long sleeved Tshirt, and I “air dried” whilst getting her patted down and dressed!

Of course I was so grateful to put on a big jumper and coat as I no longer had my Tshirt! And I was especially grateful that I hadn’t got my hair wet!

Succeeded At…

My biggest success of the week is accomplishing my goal to cut out refined sugar and eat better! I started last Monday, (so we are now on day 12) and whilst initially it was so hard I am feeling so much better for it. I haven’t eaten any junk since then and have been able to lose 4lb so far which is fantastic. It feels such a great accomplishment because I think I am actually addicted to Sugar!

Found Beauty In…

I think the biggest beauty of the week was most definitely as a result of snow! We went across to Chorley on Saturday and as we passed over the snow covered Pennines, glaring at us in the morning sun, it was spectacularly beautiful. I wish we would have had time to stop to take some pictures because it really was gorgeous.

Then of course at the weekend, we had some proper snow here too and the village looked so lovely draped in a blanket of snow! I really do love snow, it’s such a pretty thing, and the kids go wild in it! I love how beautiful the world looks when clothed in it and how cosy life feels looking out on it.

I hope you have a lovely weekend… Feel free to join in below or on Instagram, and let me know what was good and beautiful about this week for you! There are always moments despite the stresses and worries!

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The Hearty Life


I woke up on Monday at the start of a brand new week, and decided it was time to fight the flab! I have gained quite a few L.Bs in the last couple of months (which I want to talk about more in a seperate post) and it’s now got to the point where I just feel blaaaahhh about my body! And so this week has been all about eating better, drinking loads of water, and doing a terrible job at sit ups!

Grateful for…

I have been so grateful this week to own a pair of decent wellies! I got my lovely Joules ones (after a recommendation from friends at playgroup) for my birthday, and I love them! They keep me warm and are so comfy.

They came in super useful this week with the couple days of snow we had, and more so on Wednesday when I decided to go for a spontaneous country walk after taking the kids to school. The sun was shining, there was a dusting of snow, and it was super muddy! I felt in that moment, both grateful to be living where we do now and to be in my wellies so I could trek off to my hearts content.

Within 2 minutes we are in fields and open spaces of great beauty and it was so refreshing. So grateful for my decent wellies to make the journey easier!

Succeeded at…

This week I successfully made and uploaded my first proper YouTube video (you can see it here). It isn’t the best quality, but I feel so pleased with what I created.

On another note, but by no means less significant, I got to the bottom of my laundry basket yesterday for the first time since Christmas (Hooray), so for the brief 1/2 day we have no laundry I shall high 5 myself and enjoy this great achievement!

Found Beauty in…

This definitely goes to the views I saw on my country walk on Wednesday! Every time I wander those fields and little lanes, and every time I explore the woods and take it all in, I have to take a deep breath and pinch myself that this is my new life now. Its such a contrast to city living. Whilst I loved living in Leeds with all its greatness, I love this stage of life for the easiness of life here and how we have so many lovely views right there on our doorstep to spontaneously discover!

I have started to dance a lot around the lounge with Alice during the day, and it makes me laugh so much! She tries to copy my “awesome” moves, and it is incredibly cute to see her efforts and bum wiggles!

#MyHeartyLife Rules

You can link up one post a week that fits into either or all of the “Prompts”, and I ask that you at least comment on mine and one or 2 others too. Kindness costs nothing and a comment on your blog feels amaze!

Please use the #MyHeartyLife on Social media whenever to share the goodness and cheerful moments in your life that day! It might also help when summing up the week into a blog post to link up!

The Hearty Life