As of 3.20pm yesterday afternoon our kids are officially on their half term break from school and it couldn’t come soon enough! Megan isn’t a fan of school and it is a battle every day, so she is excited to have her time as her own! And I am excited to have my kids back… I thoroughly enjoy the time we get to go out together and hang out during the school holidays, and with all of the lovely weather we’ve been having so far, I have been super excited to spend some time going on little adventures together! I always enjoy these moments and feel like a proper mum (if that makes any sense?)!

Anyway, tonight they will kick off their fun with an epic sleepover/fun times (which is lasting all weekend) with their cousins at Grandma Smith’s house! It sounds unbelievable what she has planned, and completer madness, but I know each of their cousins are as excited as them and cannot wait to go. With 8×4-7 year olds, I wish her much luck…but I am sure it will be hugely exciting and a wonderful, memorable weekend!

Meanwhile, I am very much looking forward to a bank holiday weekend and having some time with Nath working side by side to spruce up our home and finally put our stamp on it (with our little helper of course).

Usually our half terms are planned around daily themes (read more about it here) which works out wonderfully for a balance. This time round however I decided to mix it up a bit and have a more spontaneous approach. Instead of us brainstorming and planning together around our daily themes, I asked them each to pick a day they wanted and then decide what we be doing on that day – anything they want they can plan it for the rest of the family! They loved this idea so much and are now looking forward to their days, as well as sharing in the fun that one another has planned!

So here is what we are looking forward to this June half term…

MONDAY – The kids will still be living it up at Grandma’s so we will be taking advantage of the Bank holiday to either be finishing any DIY jobs on our list that we didn’t get done Saturday, or simply chilling at the coast with Alice.

TUESDAY – After a busy weekend, we have reserved Tuesday to be a chill out day. I think it’s important when they are off school to have one day at least where they can relax, play out, wander to the park and watch movies. Tuesday will be our day for this!

WEDNESDAY – This is Alice’s day, and so weather permitting we will be visiting an RSPB spot and take a picnic. She loves Birds and animals, and as we have membership I thought it would be a nice day out and a lovely day chasing Nature!

THURSDAY – Megan chose this day as hers. Without hesitation it was swimming and pirate golf at the coast! This will probably be a good day to meet up with cousins on my side and have some fun over that way!

FRIDAY – Ethan really wants to go to “THE DEEP” in Hull! I thought this was a splendid idea as we rarely go to places like this in our school holidays. He thought we could go on the Friday and so there we are – fun at The Deep on Friday! We will probably have a walk around the marina too, and if it’s warm weather, wander to the fountains in the city centre!

SATURDAY – On Saturday we will be returning to Hull to go to Hull Truck Theatre family open day. It is a FREE event from 10am til 4.30pm I have been looking forward to for a while (and I think it will be fantastic). As a theatre lover, I can’t wait for my kids to get hands on and involved with the things I love. It will be great to experience the joy and mystery of the Theatre together! Ethan is especially excited to check out (and hopefully have a go) at lighting and sound, and I think Megs will enjoy the crafty side of things and dress up! I am really looking forward to our family doing something together that makes me so happy!

Later that day we are meeting up with Ethan’s bestie from Leeds for some swimming or just some hanging out!

I am so excited for a week together – having fun and exploring East Yorkshire! Can you believe that next weekend it will be a year since we moved over here? I can’t! It has been such a different pace of life, a refreshing change to life in the City, and I am excited that nearly all that we have planned together is embracing our new favourite spots here in East Yorkshire! I can’t wait to hang with my kids this coming week and have some fun this Half term!

Hello to June Half term – we are so ready for you (once they’ve cracked on and cleaned the house this morning!) – let’s hope the sun shines brightly on our adventures!


On Friday afternoon I walked into the lounge to see my kids laid on the floor watching Moana (nothing new there). This time however they were completely silent and snuggled down in their new Snuggle Sacs from Ollie & Leila! It was such a pleasant and lovely sight. 

My kids, like lots of others, love to snuggle! They love nothing more than putting on a movie and snuggling down to relax and enjoy it. They snuggle under Ethan’s high sleeper whilst listening to CD stories, and they build dens and snuggle in those too. They are real little snugglers, so when Ollie & Leila asked us review their Snuggle sac’s I felt like it was an opportunity made for them…and judging by the wonderful sights of Friday they are a great success!

Made from super soft and fluffy fleece on the outside, with 100% cotton lining, and available in various fun and colourful designs, these are the perfect addition to any movie night, sleep over or chill out sess! Megan has the Dalmatian and Ethan the pirate, and they come rolled up in handy little tote bags that are useful for carrying them in, or storing and transporting them. They then have a convenient section at the head where a pillow can be put in for ultimate comfort, and I would say that they are basically a pimped up and awesome, snugglier version of a sleeping bag! 

What we Loved

– Their snuggle factor (easily a 10)

–  The fun design – so gorgeous

–  The handy bags…can be carried by kids very easily

– The pillow pouch – what a bonus

– The side zip to make it easy to get in and out of, and to let in air if you get too cosy!

– That the kids can lay out in pure comfort and enjoy their films, have sleepovers and love life!

– That they are machine washable and suitable for a dryer too

– They come with a 12m Guarantee

Snuggle Sacs would make a useful to addition to your home with kids, and also be a great gift for any kid for Christmas or Birthdays because they are just are so useful. The whole concept of this from a parents perspective, I think is brilliant. It gives them something to take to Grandma’s, Cousins,or camping even and it’s something they can use at home or away to chill in, or keep a little warmer in the Winter! The fact it can so easily be stored in a handy bag makes it more desirable too and they are so lovely. The designs are fab, and they definitely get a thumbs up from us!!

* Thank you to Ollie & Leila for sending us these in return for our thoughts. All words and images are my own. 


I don’t know about where you are, but here in Yorkshire (Yorkshire folk will confirm), we have had some pretty miserable rainy weather recently! When I planned our Summer break, I never took into account the good old British weather and how it might influence those plans. I just saw the word “Summer” and imagined long sunny days in sandals and shorts, paddling pools and water fights, and lots of ice pops! Reality however has been somewhat different, and whilst we have eaten our fair share of ice pops, I’ve quickly realised Summer is very unpredictable – you cant exactly have a beach trip in a monsoon, and you can’t take the kids on a nature walk when its blowing a gale, and as you are probably more than aware, it has been on that level of rainage/storms!

Yesterday was a complete wash out of course, and potentially a day of cancelled plans, falling out and exhaustion. I was slightly disappointed to say the least, but at the same time we took it in our stride and made the most with what we had. With said rain (and a long weekend of travelling) it meant that we ended up staying in all day which would usually equate to me going slightly mad and us all getting a good dose of cabin fever, but it actually turned out to be a really hearty and successful day in! We had invited some friends over for a play date and whilst the kids built dens, played dress up, trains, knights and watched Moana (for the 50th time), we chatted about anything and everything! We then made homemade pizzas for lunch and had sneaky ice creams out of the freezer for afters. The day flew by and the kids had so much fun with new faces and friends. 

I went to bed feeling like it was certainly a “Mum win” kind of a day!

On the flip side of our lovely rainy day in yesterday, just last week we embraced the rainy forecast and hit the water fountains in Hull city centre. We decided that the kids were going to get wet anyway so what’s a bit of rain? It turns out it wasn’t “just a little bit rain” but clearly Yorkshire is now home to a Monsoon season, and we were soaked to the skin in seconds with nowhere to shelter! The kids LOVED it, and it was the biggest laugh and fun we’ve had in ages…

It is from these 2 days of laughing and having fun despite us apparently being in Monsoon season, that I have decided that rain is actually a lot of fun if you are prepared. Whether you are out and about splashing in it and getting soaked, or snuggled with friends indoors eating yummy food (and they were delish pizza’s), and playing your favourite games together, it can be a great day “whatever the weather”!

I think as parents we often spend so much time feeling like we aren’t enough for our kids, or we are so quick at pointing out or down falls, and what we haven’t been able to do with them, that we miss the small moments that matter. The moments that bring sunshine despite the rain…the moments like making the most of a rainy day with friends, and getting soaked from fountains and rain together. The moments of giving your kids a fun day inside despite the weather and creating memories as well as their own pizza! On days like these we need to pat our selves on the back and celebrate, because we didn’t just survive it, we laughed, we loved and we had a heck of a lot of fun!

Rain, I have discovered, doesn’t have to make for cancelled plans and going insane. It is fun, sounds great on a conservatory roof, and encourages you at times to take a break and become inventive!


One of my favourite Ordinary moments of this week was on Friday when I got to hang out with 3 little pirates! Of course it helped that it was almost the weekend, but with glorious sunshine and sea views, it was bound to be a great day.

Every time we visit Bridlington on a sunny day we love to go on the pirate ship. It’s a cute little ride on a relatively old boat, kitted out pirate style! It takes you out of the harbour and around the north side for about 10 minutes or so for a little adventure, and is just enough to get a taste of the sea (and only a couple of £s each). We have been doing it for years and its a lot of fun!

We also get nagged by the kids to play pirate golf whilst there, and we pretty much never do! I usually fob them off to say it’s something to keep for school holidays as we’re often busy with other things too. But earlier this year I did gain mummy points when I added it to our Summer bucket list .

Now summer is here and the days are our own, I thought a pirate day would be a really fun idea! I thought of combining all of our loves at the seaside into one day and having the ultimate pirate-y adventure. I knew the kids would love it, but at the same time I underestimated just how much.

We met their cousin and played pirate golf, bought pirate flags, rode on the pirate ship and climbed on the harbour wall! We looked out to sea and they ventured through the fun house! All 3 of them were great little pirates & had gorgeous smiles and squeals of laughter all afternoon.

It was so great to see them having a day filled with moments of fun, imagination and little adventures! I love it so much when moments unfurl to be equally good (or greater) than you have imagined and create lovely ordinary moments that remind you what an adventure life is.

The Ordinary Moments