Our week was rather a quiet one until we hit Friday and then it has been all rather full on and non stop! We had the school Summer fair, followed by a fabulous community event on Friday evening. And then yesterday we had the joy of watching Megsie in her Gymnastics competition where she bagged herself a silver medal!

The afternoon saw Nathan and I taking Alice and Ethan to the Humber Bridge country park for a couple of hours whilst Megan enjoyed some fun activities with her Rainbows group (packed social life for her this weekend!). Finally we rounded it off with a lovely stroll through the woods at Danes Dyke and a chill on the beach this afternoon following our usual Sunday morning at Church! It has been a wonderful weekend and one I was grateful to have enjoyed so much – It has made me feel all the more excited for the Summer Holidays and more beach days and adventures!

Grateful For 

This week I am incredibly grateful for my neighbour who took me to Bridlington for “little big sing” and who takes Megs every week to Gymnastics with her daughter – it has meant I don’t have to get the train, that we have become friends and that Megan can do Gym more easily!

I am also grateful for 2 lovely school reports from Ethan and Megan’s teachers – they made me super proud! There were parts in them that actually made me laugh out loud and I love how great they both have been this school year. Mostly though I love and am grateful, that they continue to be themselves and that Megan especially is “strong willed” (Stubborn) and “independent”… I feel like she will go far!

Succeeded At 

I made it to the School Fair to be able help and successfully completed my stint on the Raffle store! I also bought 2 strips of tickets afterwards (for £2) and won a family day to a local National Trust spot! I couldn’t believe my luck – I never win things and it felt so great to have won such a fab prize when I had only spent 2 quid!

Found Beauty In 

The lovely fields on Monday when I walked my friends dog with her and the singing school kids at “Little big sing” that same afternoon! I found beauty in the many crocheted poppies lining the village station for “Village in bloom” and seeing the village gather together on Friday night.

It was also beautiful to see Megan performing her heart out in her Gym competition and the Humber Bridge on Saturday! And finally it was beautiful to see the white chalky rocks and sea this afternoon as we sat chatting and playing together!

It’s been a beautiful week in many ways and I am thankful for more positivity! 5 more days till schools out and we are a little excited and very ready for it!


Sunshine, sunshine and more sunshine – how good for the soul this last weeks weather has been. I have loved it and feel excited that we have more ahead of us. This week has been nothing spectacular – our usual day to day routines and chores, but we did have a sneaky picnic on Tuesday for lunch which made it feel a little less ordinary.

I love that the kids school allow them to have home lunch, and so with the weather and this new info, I went and picked them up Tuesday and we had a mad hour on the park and eating a picnic lunch together before I returned them to school for the afternoon!

Grateful For 

This week I have been grateful for the sun, for living closer to the coast and for a date night to the cinema with Nath on Friday night. After a crazy week we went to see Ocean’s 8 and both really enjoyed the time together to be out alone together and the film itself – we kinda like those heist type films!

Succeeded At 

I succeeded at getting Alice some new shoes (she is already VERY fussy) and finishing off our dining table – I painted it and added a colourful table cover as it felt to plain for me! I am pleased with how it looks.

Found beauty In 

The kids chatting to Poppy at her grave and loving her new memorial stone. The beautiful countryside as I walked to soft play and back this week. And the beautiful blue sea as we went to the coast Friday and Saturday evening! I took the kids on their bikes on the train – we were supposed to go swimming but as the adult to kid ratio wasn’t on point, we instead had a walk/bike ride along the prom, played pirate golf and then went to grandma’s house! It was such a lovely evening with my kids and they were super well behaved. I loved being out and about with them and having fun together!


Last week was quite a week indeed, which I thoroughly enjoyed! From afternoon tea on the Monday, to a mini steam railway at the coast Thursday, our week has been filled with joyful things, little outings and now a 4 week countdown to the Summer holidays!

This coming week, whilst I have nothing in my diary as yet, also looks set to be great one too. With a forecast of bright sunshine and 21+ temperatures, I can’t wait to embrace the Summer and be outside some more with Alice having fun!

Grateful For …

This week I have been really grateful to live near my sisters and mum – Firstly because it was lovely to go out last Monday for afternoon tea and enjoyed the usual banter. Secondly to have a little tea party yesterday and wander/chat on Friday with my youngest sister. And finally I have been grateful that my mum came and had the kids on Wednesday for a couple of hours so that I could go into college earlier, and that sister babysat on Thursday so that Nathan and I could go out!

I am also incredibly grateful for the lovely students I have worked with these last few months on my course. I have found in each of them kindness and friendship and I am especially grateful for the little crew/team I had that offered so much motivation, help and encouragement. I couldn’t have done what I have without them and the support of Nathan at home and my local family with spots of childcare!

Succeeded At …

My biggest and most wonderful success this week was by far finishing my Level 3 in counselling skills. Gosh there have been weeks I have felt so far behind, or generally like I was ready to quit, but here I am on the other side of all of that and completed! I was so so happy to finally hand in my portfolio – nothing prepared me for how good that would really feel and I relished every moment!

Next I am hoping to get on the Counselling level 4 and then hopefully be practising in 2 yrs time.

This week I also managed to organise and declutter the girls room (though you can’t really tell now) and got on top of house work after neglecting it in order to prioritise my college work!

Found Beauty In …

Oh so many things this week. It always is the case when the weather is nice – my mood is better and therefore I notice more!

For me this week I have seen beauty in the moments wandering around the animal park with my friend on Wednesday and then seeing Alice loving the animals (mostly) and having a little picnic with her pal!

It was riding the little steam engine in Scarborough with Alice on Thursday and seeing her glee and excitement over it. And then, whilst she rested her head on my chest, we watched the sea beating down on the sea and looked over the bay as the world went by and we chilled on the little train. It was gorgeous!

Finally it was seeing my kids having fun with their cousins on Saturday… and then again yesterday! This week I have felt so fortunate to live around so many beautiful things and people and I am excited for another week of sunshine and adventures – and not college to rush off to!


I have had a rather sociable week this week, which has been most refreshing. Some weeks I am quite happy to just stay at home, work on things and get organised – you know, kept it chill and wander! But then most weeks I really enjoy seeing people and having some days out and chats with other mums and Friends and this week was more so one of those and I have appreciated time with friends and family.

This week Alice and I have had a picnic at the park with her second cousins, have been to soft play in the neighbouring village and had a shopping trip and lunch with a friend! I have loved that I am one week away from completing my course and I have loved hanging with some of my sisters Friday night for my youngest sisters Birthday!

Grateful For …

This week I am really thankful for good health and feeling well and energized again. Good weather to get out and about and dress Summery. Sisters to have a laugh with and eat Ice cream by the tub with. And for fathers!

With it being Fathers day today it has been lovely to reflect on the blessing it is to have good Dad’s in life and father figures. I have felt grateful firstly for my Dad and for all of the laughs and adventures he has given us over the years. I am grateful for my Granddad and his humour, influence and example in my life. For my Father in Law and his love, humour, trips we’ve been on and guidance also. And finally for Nathan – he is such a kind, gentle and funny person – I love that my kids have a Dad who loves them so much. He is interested in their lives and wants them to succeed. He works hard to provide a safe and loving home for them, gives them lots of laughs and fun, and helps them with all sorts!

Dad’s come in all kinds of forms, and I am thankful that I have known such great, funny and wonderful fathers in my life!

Succeeded At….

Finishing all of my assignments for my college course! It felt absolutely brilliant to walk in to college on Wednesday evening knowing I had done all of my assignments and only had to print them off, arrange my folder and now cross reference it all before handing in the final copy this Wednesday!

Found Beauty In…

The fields on our walk to soft play….Alice asleep with her little hand under her chin… and watching the kids crowd Nathan this morning. It is so lovely to live where we do and have these moments as a family. I love the memories we are building and the moments we are capturing!