Squidge & Pip Sensory Teething Toys were created by a fellow Yorkshire mum “Mary Lord”, and Alice was kindly sent one recently for us to try! Squidge is a dog shape and Pip a cat, and they are a fun contemporary teether made from medical grade silicone (which is the perfect density for babies to bite and chew)!  They look different from your regular teether and that’s because just as they are intended to be soft and comforting on babies gums, they are also designed with several interesting parts and textures for baby to explore orally, thus stimulating senses and helping babies learn about different shapes while developing the muscles needed for speech and weaning development.

It all sounds rather interesting for something as simple as teething toy doesn’t it? Well here’s what we thought!

First Impressions

Squidge & Pip obviously take pride in their product and immediately I was impressed by their gorgeous packaging. It makes it so lovely to receive, and therefore would make for a great option for birthdays or mum’s to be! Not only does it come in lovely packaging, but each toy also comes with a handy little travel pouch too. I always find little touches like this so nice and make it feel that little bit more premium!

They retail at £20, which to me is a little more than I would normally spend on a teether, but given the fact that it’s also a great sensory toy too I suppose its reasonably priced.

I also love that they can easily be washed, sterilized and even frozen to add extra comfort and soothing to babies mouths!

At first I wasn’t 100% sure of the look of it as initially I thought it was a little odd, but the more we’ve had it, and the more I have read up on it and seen how lovely it is for little hands to grip and little mouths to chew, it really has grown on me. I think it’s a great funky little toy for Alice and useful to have on the go!

Alice too at first wasn’t so sure of it either, and after one small nibble lobbed across the room and moved on…I was pretty gutted and hoped for more from my teething little dumpling…

Thoughts Now

Nowadays it has become a little fave of hers. She still likes to lob it around but now follows it, holds it, carries it and thankfully chews on it way more too! It has become a great distraction on long journeys and in church and her little face lights up when we wave it in front of her. I actually love how attached she is becoming to it (its rather cute really) but mostly how it chills her out too. Its nice to think its not only helping her with teething, but also with motor skills, chewing and speech development (to name a few)!

I think that Squidge & Pip are a lovely idea and it’s something that can grow with the child; both to aid them in the heights of teething and then just to play with as they crawl, toddle and explore!

Teething is such a difficult stage and one that can leave you feeling rather exhausted and even stressed out. I often feel helpless despite knowing various things that can ease their suffering and so I guess when I think of all of that, to have a little teether to bring comfort in the form of a cat or dog pal is really rather wonderful for them!

WIN one!

Squidge & Pip would like to give one of our readers the opportunity to WIN their very own sensory teething toy. So if you would like that to be you…whether for a little one of your own or as a gift for a friend, then enter via the Rafflecopter below!

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With the summer holidays here, and lots of adventures and travel plans coming our way, I felt like it was time for a small lightweight buggy for day trips and flying. I went for the Joie Nitro from kiddies Kingdom, and so far are rather impressed.

Kiddies Kingdom are one of the UK’s leading online baby and toddler retailers and always offer a price match guarantee. So whilst this buggy usually retails at £80 it is on their site for just over 50, which I thought was really affordable for a stylish and sturdy number as this!

I am used to my bugaboo Cam 2 that is easy to steer, incredibly comfortable for Alice and has great storage underneath. I love it for walking around towns, cities, for school runs, off road and everything in between. I am quite aware that this is far from that and for a price tag under £60 I wouldn’t expect it to be in the same league, but I was hoping for a sense of ease, something practical for travel and day trips, and comfortable for little Alice.

I am pleased to say that it ticks all the boxes for everything I had hoped for and I am really enjoying using it!

Service from Kiddies Kingdom was easy and straightforward, and once arrived, it only took about 10 mins to put together…

I wanted something light and easy to carry for when we go away, yet I wanted it to feel robust too. This is both, and looks good in the process. I love the charcoal, light grey and pink combo – it really feels “me” and matches well with my new Aldi flamingo backpack (meant to be?).  It is easy to put down, store, carry (with convenient sturdy handle) and best of all when pushing it, it feels well built and comfortable.

Steering is a lot easier than I anticipated, and it has a great height so I don’t feel hunched over (I am 5ft 8). I have used it on roads, grass and even ended up dragging it through local fields with the kids on a country walk – I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was all rather easy and straightforward and felt wonderfully robust!

The basket is ample for a picnic bag (or any bag of tat we may need to chuck on) and my back pack hangs nicely on it too (convenient). It is comfortable with the handles and swivel wheels, and has a simple break that works well too. Alice seems content and comfortable in and seems to enjoy the change of being forward facing and looking around. It has an adjustable leg rest, and the harness fits well and is quick to release/adjustable as she grows. It has a really easy to use recline which has proven good for naps. Every little detail seems to have a lot of thought in it which all adds to the convenience of using it as a quick and easy travel solution!

I think this is going to be so good for when we go to Italy next month so that Alice can still nap whilst out and about and just to dump bags on for the beach and site seeing. I also look forward to using it over summer holidays as already it has been a great asset to life for quick days out and trips to the park. I love that it has a lovely sun shield and rain covers, so whatever the weather we can get out and about without having to lug my big pram around the museums, trains, cliff tops and airports – It folds down in about 2 seconds and is very simple and quick to both put up and fold away which I find really efficient and simple.

I am so pleased with the Joie Nitro as a secondary travel and adventure buggy, and the price it was available at was a steal!

Kiddies Kingdom are filled with amazing deals and lovely products from over 150 brands such as Icandy, Silver Cross, Joolz and Joie. They are very excited to be launching their first concept store in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire this Sunday (the 30th July) where they will not only have these brands on display, but fantastic offers too to treat customers to!

The 9,000 sq ft. showroom will be the largest in Yorkshire (and in the North!) and will be including some incredible features such as a full-sized car where parents can practice their car seat fitting skills, a ‘Baby Wish List’ that can be created in order to contribute towards a gift for a new arrival, as well as an embroidery service so that customers can make their purchases extra special and add a personalised touch, as well as many other great activities!

If you are near by be sure to check it out … you too may bag yourself a shiny new buggy/stroller, car seat or even some fun outdoor toys for the kids this Summer!

*Thanks to Kiddies Kingdom for gifting us the Joie Nitro in return for an honest review. All thoughts and pictures are my own. 


With the wonderful taste of Summer we had last week, we found that going out was both easy and very exciting too. Now Alice is 10 months old, she eats almost anything and has a reliable schedule for her 3 meals a day. She also loves to snack like no other and often that part of life catches me out!

Whilst going out and making the most of the weather has been a wonderful thing, I have been caught out on far too many occasions with lack of snacks for her. I just forget with the mad dash of school runs and my fried brain, and I never thought I would say this, but I really do miss the days when we could go anywhere at anytime because my milk was all we needed.  Nowadays it is a mass of clothes, snacks and “stuff” and I am still getting used to needing to be a little more organised!

To make life a little simpler however, here are some things I have a discovered to ensure life is made somewhat easier when on-the-go with a baby this Summer!

A Spoon

I always make sure I have a spoon in my bag. It may seem a bit random but it has saved me on many occasions from a baby melt down, and has been super useful for the times when I have forgotten to pre pack meals or snacks. It is also helpful if we stay out longer than planned and need to grab a pouch or jar of baby food for dinner. I use the one from Oxo tots that I previously reviewed, as it is sturdy, easy to keep clean and Alice seems to love it the best. It stays in my bag and I feel way more relaxed knowing we have it!

Pots of snacks/Fruit Pouches

I used to just shove the pack of rice cakes or whatever into my bag, but realised my other kids were dipping in and by the next day the bag was split and they were a soggy mess all over the bottom of my bag! (Not fun and very gross!).

I was recently sent some snack pots from Oxo Tots that have become my new fave, and baby essential when out and about from day to day. Having them in my bag has made life so much easier and feeding Alice on-the-go more convenient. Firstly are the flip top snack pots… I love them in the Raspberry colour as they are easy to see and just look lovely. I also love that you can easily see what’s inside thanks to the clear sides. They are robust for a baby that likes to chuck stuff, and the tops are secure, yet easy to open when wrestling with said baby. I also like that if they aren’t eaten on that day, the pot keeps them fresh for the next.

We also have the Small and Large bowl set which has been great to transfer left overs to and from the fridge to going out. They are easy to store and clean, and I find the small one is great to make finger food lunches and the larger one main meals. The lids are secure and are easy to pop in the microwave and heat up too. I love that they are nifty little bowls instead of the random Tupperware I used to use and I really enjoy using them day to day. I usually dish up a portion of dinner into one of these for the next day.

Then we have the snacks…the market is huge with an array of snacks for on-the-go and we have tried many different brands over the years. We recently discovered “Heavenly Organic Superfoods” which combine wonderful flavours for tasty and healthy baby snacks. I really love the array of foods they produce, from fruit pouches to mini bread sticks and little “halo bites”. Their snacks are small enough to fit in pots and big enough for babies to grab and hold independently. Alice especially enjoyed the carrot and cumin waffles, the wafers and “Coconut Squishies” (fruit pouches made with coconut milk – yum). Their Rosemary bread sticks also came in very useful when I was out with my sister and her toddler twins the other week too, and went down an absolute treat!

Alice also loves the Apple & Sultana muffins from local company “Little Fingers” who also have tasty savoury snacks made from carrots and lentils, and courgettes. Again these are really convenient for quick on-the-go feeding solutions (if you remember to pre cook some of them in advance).

Nappies and Wipes

So I am very aware that this super obvious, but you wouldn’t believe the amount of times I have reached for the wipes and they either aren’t there, or its a trick and the pack is empty. Cleaning poo from a weaned baby in public with toilet roll and soap and water is pretty awkward and so embarrassing! Now not only do I keep nappies and wipes in a pouch in my main bag, but we also keep them in this handy wipes dispenser and nappy pouch from OXO tots that we were recently sent for review. I find it useful for the car, but honestly don’t feel it is something I would naturally buy myself and don’t use it day to day.

Nathan on the other hand LOVES it and uses it regularly. He prefers it to a big changing bag or back pack when taking the kids out solo, and finds the grey a little more manly! From a dad’s perspective it is the perfect baby accessory to hang on the pram, ensuring minimum “stuff” and super easy to access…it is now his thing and he thinks its great for on-the-go!


Now the weather is mostly hotting warming up, it is so important to make sure baby stays hydrated. I am surprised how much water baby Alice goes through each day, but I am usually always good at making sure I have her a cup of water in my bag so she can enjoy little sips throughout the day.

A Hat

All my kids have been quite fair as babies and so whilst we love to be out and about enjoying the weather, we have to be aware of the dangers too. Remembering sun cream is often a downfall at this stage of the year, because everything is so unpredictable. Remembering a hat however seems easier (?!) And Alice is just about getting used to her little sun hat, which was only £1 in a local charity shop. I keep it in the bag and pop it on when the sun show’s its face!

Overall having a baby in any season and going anywhere is a lot of work with a heck of a lot of stuff to remember. I always think as long as I have food and water and a nappy and wipes we can make do and have a lovely day out -whether it is spontaneous or something planned. A hungry/grumpy baby certainly puts a damper on things and causes a lot of unnecessary stress, but snacks like those from Heavenly Organics and the pots from Oxo Tots, have certainly made it super easy to keep in my bag and know I’ll be okay!

*Thank you to OXO TOTS and Heavenly Foods for sending these products for review. All thoughts and pictures are my own. 



Family Fever

As a stay at home mum my days are spent with our little ray of sunshine, Alice. It has, and still is a huge adjustment to have gone from 2 crazy energetic kids to one small chilled out baby. I love my role, but some days do feel a little bit of drag. Most days though I enjoy the freedom, feel blessed to have this time with her and love the time to get things done together.

Like both of her older siblings, parents and the majority of our family, she LOVES her food. Weaning has been straightforward, easy even, and she will eat pretty much anything! I have gone from buying mostly jars and pouches in recent weeks (convenience) to serving up whatever we are having. That or left overs from the day before, and its working so much better (and she loves it all the same)!

With meal time being one of her favourite times of day (to the point that she will cry when I say “all gone”), I have noticed that as I sat her in her Bumbo seat (and now her high chair), she starts to dance. Like a little dinner dance.

It begins with a few leg kicks, some bum bounces and ripples up to her arms before a little squeal is let out. With eyes fixated on my every move, her little body wiggles around in anticipation for what will be served up today, and I can’t help but smile at how excited she is.

Once the food arrives, and as she enjoys each morsel, the dance goes from a full body zumba-esque to a simple toe tapping. It has kind of become a joke with us all – “ay up the toes are tapping, dinner must be ready” (said in a forced Yorkshire accent)!! And It’s all rather cute and joyful.

It is one of those things that make me smile each meal time, and one of the many ways she brings joy to our home.

There really is nothing cuter than a little baby dancing for her dinner. It is an ordinary moment in our days together, an ordinary moment at meal times, and something I don’t remember the others doing. I hope I always remember her doing it though and especially the joy and laughter it brings to us all! Thank you Alice for your love of food and dancing tendencies to brighten our days.




The Ordinary Moments