Okay mum’s, hands up who uses dry shampoo more than the real stuff? Let’s be honest here, for most of us we barely have time to breathe, let alone wash our hair – colouring it? Now there’s a luxury! Life as Mum is way busier and nuttier than I ever imagined it to be. I thought when people spoke of peeing with an audience or walking around with snot smeared… View Post

2.5 Years ago I never imagined I would be so excited to be buying a cot again. 2.5 years ago with the stillbirth of our baby girl I hated the sight of all things baby (or rather the pain they surfaced), and I was done. I had been burned pretty badly, broken, and was left wounded so deeply I wondered how I would survive. I quickly rid my house of… View Post

I can’t remember a time recently when we have spent a Saturday locally. For so long our weekends have been packed with visiting family, days out to wonderful places and just being super busy. This Saturday however was not, and we welcomed a day to hang out locally, do very little and just be drifters! We decided (at the request of the kids) to hit up the Odeon and watch… View Post

Before I go any further with sharing this weeks bargain buys, let’s first address the one fact that this is a “Frugal Friday” post going live on a Saturday evening! The reason is that I just got my laptop back this afternoon after a week long stay at the PC world service centre. It needed a new screen (which is now amazing), and was £60 plus £51 for the part… View Post