Last Thursday our little unicorn loving, tree climbing, crazy Megan turned a big 6 years old! I find it incredible that each year, the night before their birthdays I can distinctly remember their arrivals into our lives and family. Aside from Poppy’s (for obvious reasons) it is a part of the birthday build up I thoroughly enjoy – reflecting and remembering those hours of labour, their birth and the moment… View Post

The last couple of weeks have been a real struggle for me, and consequently I missed last weeks “MyHeartyLife” update! I have had a kidney infection, and whilst I have been trying to get on and mother etc, I kinda hit a wall and just needed to rest and switch off as much as possible if I wanted any chance of my body being able to recover. I seem to… View Post

I never considered myself a country girl, but rather always thought of myself as a city dweller. My style and interests are mostly suited to urban living and growing up in a small seaside town I liked the idea of living in a place that was happening! I guess I always wanted to be somewhere rich in opportunity, culture and things to see and do day and night. I love… View Post

May 2018 has been a really strange month for us. There has been no major trips or adventures we have taken, and we have no big news to share, but then there has been a few, more serious things (like a day at A&E) that has meant that it has just felt all a little bit of a strange one! We have been fortunate to have lovely weather, but our… View Post