Since being little (or rather littler), both Ethan and Megan have loved and embraced rock climbing. We used to go most weeks after Pre-school and it was something they adored and looked forward to. We would play games, have fun, explore, but mostly they would learn how to boulder and climb in a safe way. The two of them are both natural climbers…inquisitive and built to explore almost anything above… View Post

This week I have been mostly housebound with a spotty, chicken poxy baby! As a result I haven’t had huge opportunities to get out and hunt for the bargs! Frugal living is a way of life though, and whether in or out, there are always thrifty choices to make. “Make do & Mend” The phrase “Make do & Mend” to the younger me used to stir feelings of missing out… View Post

Last week I had forgotten that May day meant a bank holiday, and so it suddenly felt like such a bonus on Monday to have Nathan home for the day. It was so exciting to realise Monday meant no rushing but an opportunity to be able to spend some extra time as a family. So of course we made the most of it and got the kids cleaning up!!! After… View Post

For the past few weeks we have been trying out theĀ “Guardianfix 3” car seat from Kiddy. It is their latest in the Guardianfix series and corresponds with the very latest safety standards. Suitable from 9 months and available in an array of beautiful rich colours, this car seat is not only a gentle beast to keep your child safe, but once invested in, will be the only car seat you… View Post