I’m not the best poet, I don’t pretend to be, but I couldn’t let remembrance day pass, surrounded by Poppies and not recognize my own little Poppy. I didn’t realise when she was born, when we named her that every November we would have such a massive reminder of our little lady – So here is a poem I wrote (not very eloquently) but sums up this remembrance day for… View Post

I previously blogged about my goal of 30 goals before 30, in order to enhance life and enjoy the last year of my 20’s! Well here I am hrs away from being 30 and nothing really went to plan how I had hoped! I am beginning to think that perhaps goals and planning ahead isn’t how I am supposed to live my life. If theres one thing I am learning… View Post

I recently had my first sess of bereavement counselling at the hospice..whilst difficult to talk about everything it was also great to understand a few things, know I’m not a nutter and of course be at a place that makes me feel closer to poppy. Every time I step foot there, there is such peace and a lovely feeling and the staff are always so happy and welcoming, in some… View Post

Since when did I become the bright red, unfit, wobbly mother I used to laugh at as a Teenager? Karma is bad!!! Last Wednesday I dusted off my trainers (literally they’ve been under the bed for a yr) and hit a ‘Box fit’ class with my friend! OH.MY.GOODNESS I thought I might ACTUALLY collapse! I am embarrassed to say I haven’t properly exercised in well over a year and it… View Post