Megan is at that age where things are her favourite or they’re tossed aside! She will only colour with pink “because it my favwit”, she won’t eat cooked pepper because it isn’t raw, its Elsa NOT Anna that is her fave and she will NOT go anywhere without “Peter Rabbit” for he is her most fave of all (£5 Ikea stuffed toy not the real thing shhhhh). She also loves Satsumas,… View Post

Its done – I have completed all the things needed and applied for a school place in September for little E. I cannot believe that he is almost 5! I am very much aware that what I am saying I bet EVERY parent goes through but unlike every parent I have spent the last year researching and investigating home ed as an alternative to full time school. I always just assumed… View Post

Most Tuesdays we attend a local playgroup (the only one we do go to) with the added bonus of snacks and a music and movement sess (hence why we go)! The weeks we don’t I am usually interrogated by Ethan and Megs and so I have learnt that its best just to keep it as part of our schedule! I chose it as this weeks “Ordinary moments” because we always… View Post

Sleepless nights, night feeds, a million nappy changes, tonnes more laundry, pushing a pram again, baby car seat to carry, Changing bag, baby classes and clinics are just a few things I would be doing in my life right now if my baby had have lived. Its funny how I would have probably been coping fairly well with all of that extra stuff, yet I am wrecked with the 2… View Post