We lead quite an active and adventurous life (around Yorkshire) and even with the loss of Poppy we have spent very little time indoors – some days that is hard for me, but getting out and about to museums, parks, beaches, forests, town…wherever we fancy has helped me personally to not be in a state of despair, helped me as a mother to create memories and learning experiences for my… View Post

  A couple of days ago I met an old friend (not in years) for lunch and shopping. It was a great day of bargains, kids running riot in department stores, rubbish food and well overdue chats. When I met up with her I asked her “whose baby is that?” to my horror it was of course hers – I’d forgotten that 10 months ago id visited her with a… View Post

A few months ago I got a great deal through “The book people” (at least I think it was them) on the Julia Donaldson collection on CD with songs (£10 for 10 cds – Whoooop). As soon as I saw them I knew that E and Megs would be loving their lives as they already had most of her works and they were for sure family favourites. I also hoped it… View Post

A couple of days ago we returned to the LGI for a meeting about Poppy, you see when you loose a child, be it shortly after birth or due to stillbirth you are called back to the hospital any time after 12 weeks for results of any tests that were carried out as to why it happened and to also ask any questions about the whole thing. You meet with a… View Post