Last week was all about the kids and their cousins – this week i’m bringing it back to me and my generation and the cool kids that are MY cousins! Yesterday was far from ordinary, but I share it all the same, because it was pretty mint and pretty much the highlight of my week! You see its not everyday your Granddad turns 85 and you get together and celebrate with… View Post

I hate pregnancy. I’m not talking about pregnant women, though they aren’t exactly my favourite people to be around (unless I’m already close to them) I mean personally.. I hate my physical life for the most chunk of the 9 months being pregnant. I don’t make a good pregnant woman, not at all (if you question this just ask Mr Smith and he will be sure to confirm) It feels so… View Post

Half term is apparently a mad week of cramming in as many fun things with the kids, going to places rammed with like minded parents and spending a load of money on activities and days out to fill the time so they don’t trash the house and get under your feet. That and getting together with cousins… I had to laugh at myself on Friday night as we said goodbye… View Post

Not compatible with life but Compatible with Love… I still remember how my stomach turned as the Fetal Medicine specialist told me over the phone at 30 weeks gestation that our baby was “not compatible with life”, because she had tested positive for full Trisomy 18, she didn’t have a chance to live and she probably wouldn’t live without assistance from the very people that had labelled her as that. I… View Post