I’m sorry I have taken so long to update you on my weight loss highs and lows for the month of feb.. the truth is I’ve hit a plateau and it has felt a bit naff. Ive been doing some soul searching and getting my head around a few things (Please read on). At the beginning of February I strained my chest muscles (yes really) and so have had to… View Post

I have finally caught up and finished watching the last few episodes of “Call the Midwife” – Did you see it? Wasn’t it brilliant, funny, emotional and heart warming all rolled into one? I Love It.. Yes really. As its on a Sunday and Sundays are a busy day for us and we don’t tend to watch TV, I have looked forward to catching up on it later in the… View Post

Just outside of Bridlington on the cliff tops sits a gorgeous little park, old hall and Zoo. We often went as Kids with our cousins and have spent some lovely days there with my family growing up. Yesterday, as we were at the coast visiting family we decided to go to Sewerby park and see the animals and enjoy the gardens. We did invite my sisters and kids but unfortunately… View Post

I hear the term “Earth mum” a lot, it usually refers to the more natural mothers among us.  Not that they find mothering more natural but they choose to take the more natural / organic approach in feeding, birthing, medication, carrying, rearing, nappies, cleaning etc. I’m not going to begin to act like I know what I’m chatting about here because in depth I’m not an expert and I’d hate to… View Post