We have noticed so much these last few weeks that we have a little copycat amongst us…its like living with a parrot some days the way everything E says is repeated back to us by Megs – she is ALWAYS copying him. I see her watching him, mirroring him and in many situations waiting to see what he will do or how he will respond to take his lead. She… View Post

The better the weather seems to be getting the more posts I read of kids out in the garden, having endless hours of fun in beautiful gardens catered to them and very family friendly. I love these posts as it makes me dream of how I one day hope for a garden like that. I know I hope one day to make a mud kitchen for them and sandpit and… View Post

At the end of the week  (and when I could walk a little easier) we decided to go to for a little sleep over at my mums in Brid! The kids love to visit grandma and see their cousins, they love to see the boats and the sea, hoping they’ll get an ice cream or ride on the seafront and they love it most of all when there is a… View Post

I never wanted to be a parent that did everything for my kids…I wanted my children, however many that may be, to understand that the home and upkeep of it is the responsibility of everyone living in it (not just Mum), to learn that things in life require work and to generally be thoughtful and helpful individuals. Both Nathan and I feel all of these things can be accomplished by… View Post