My grief right now: On Wednesday I mentioned how hard this week had been. The word hard doesn’t seem to give justice to the magnitude of emotions I have felt. If hard means feeling back to rock bottom, heartbreaking pain, teary days, lonely in crowds, isolated in life and late night sobbing again…then yes hard is okay to use but it just seems so – meh of a word to… View Post

The hospice has done so much for us over the last year that whenever I go back its like going home. There’s a peace I feel there that I cannot explain and it is a “safe place” where I know I can be open about where i’m at and can share anything. From the start they have sheltered me from further pain by offering refuge at the most difficult time… View Post

This my last and final post relating to our holiday in Italy – save the best til last right? Its basically very few words but lots of snaps about the day we spent in Venice, a tick off the bucket list, my new fave city and definitely somewhere I completely and instantly loved! I wish we could have ridden a gondola but 80euro isn’t justifiable at this stage of life… View Post

Before I had kids I absolutely loved to get my hair done regularly; every 6 weeks or so I went for a trim and periodically highlights, in between that I was confident to colour it myself at home (yes believe it or not I am NOT naturally this blonde) and I never thought of cost, time or anything else that might hinder this routine. I had both money and time… View Post