As we were given a random mini tree Last yr (I still have no idea where it came from), I decided this Christmas to let the kids have and decorate their very own tree..yaaaayyy! An alterior motive as it also meant they wouldn’t interfere with MY tree. Whilst I hung all of my sparkly things symmetrically, they took a more free approach, and whenever they tried to touch mine I… View Post

Week 7 = 163lb Here I am another pound down! WHOOP WHOOP! Its not quite the 2.5lbs a week I originally anticipated, I’m just scraping a lb each week which is good (I guess) My fave black and white stripey shirt now fits which is mint… No gaping buttons here (thankfully).┬áThis week I was really good, I even got myself ill, couldn’t eat and with a sneaky mid week weigh… View Post

December has always been a special month to us; it was the month of December when my now husband took me on our 1st date to a Christmas ball, our song is a Christmas song and it has always been a fun time of year with our families riding steam trains, playing games, dancing, singing, eating lots and laughing! I’ll be honest though, unlike other years, this Christmas hasn’t filled… View Post

So I have been working really hard this week on being a “crafy” mummy and actually putting some of many kids craft pins into action! We have been house bound as ive been trying to get Megs to use the Potty (currently to no avail but thats for another post) and with a sudden winter chill in the air it was perfect …or maybe stressful you decide! The house looks… View Post