Man I can’t believe we are a week from Christmas and I’ve been doing this now for 9 weeks! Only one week to go and probs not a lot more to loose in that time but we shall see. I have definitely learnt a lot, which I will share with you all next week! The thing with grief that many will know, is that it strikes at any moment without… View Post

Shopping with kids is mental at the best of times, let alone when your a stress head mother burdened with grief and trying to survive… That is why it has taken me almost 2 weeks to get around to picking up my new glasses. I decided to brave it as they had started to harass me with calls and I had ran out of excuses as to why I hadn’t… View Post

I have had a carb overload this weekend; Dominos for date night (hubs choice), a jacket potato at Costco Saturday lunch, Pasta Bake for dinner on Saturday and Mexican buffet with the extended fam Sunday evening! I know all such delicious meals, but Monday I felt so bloated and heavy so just had an energy booster smoothie at lunch. I have done well not to really eat much sugar this… View Post

One thing about being an adult and a parent is the moment you become Santa! It’s so hard to know what to give your kids and how much and not be influenced by other families and what they do or can afford. It’s sometimes hard not to loose sight of Christmas’ true meaning and get too caught up in all the shopping and unbelievable amount of stuff for kids thats… View Post