I have a track record for being indecisive and not finishing things. This is true, I cannot argue against fact, because there is a path I have left in life of unfinished courses and temporary jobs. I am indecisive yes, and I am 30 with no idea of what I want to do in life beyond what I am already doing now as a mother. I also have quit courses, not… View Post

I have surprised myself recently with how successfully I have been able to get my craft on. The summer is always a busy time in our family with birthdays and fathers day and so to personalise these events a little and to cut down the cost I decided to try my hand at making a couple of gifts with my new found skills and hobbies. I also hoped it would determine… View Post

Over the weekend I have read various posts about what a scorcher last week was, it was and it was lush. It was everything I hoped for this season and its just a shame it didn’t stay. Every day we piled on the sun cream, packed a bag with snacks and drinks and went off for the day to parks, outdoor paddling pools, picnics, walks and general Free fun in… View Post

I find parenting quite hard at the moment. As we approach September and all of the changes it will bring us and also feeling rather wiped out after a difficult year of not being on top form, we are also faced with both Ethan and Megs being very much in the “asserting their independence” stage of life. Now they are either best friends and defending and plotting or wrestling, fighting… View Post