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In Light of my recent┬ápost “Post pregnancy body issues” – I have decided to do a weekly post about waving goodbye to the baby bulge! I will have a weekly weigh in on a Tuesday (because this is the day of the week Poppy arrived) and will let you know of my successes and failures – the exercise classes ive tried, foods (the good and bad) and clothing I can… View Post

Baby weight is a perfectly normal part of pregnancy, its expected isn’t it.. the amount of people that say the ridiculous comment “go on treat yaself your eating for 2” and because of our stretchy pants and maternity gear we don’t tend to notice the extra few pounds – why would we when were constantly being told how radiant we look? Once baby is here were so wrecked and preoccupied… View Post

Ugh kids parties…where do I begin?! Next week Ethan turns 4 and regards his gifts/card its all been sorted for at least a month in anticipation that this part of the year, whether Poppy lived or died was going to be a rough spot! I wasn’t however as proactive with party planning & deliberately procrastinated the whole thing..why? Because deep down they do my head in for several reasons! So… View Post