Do you ever have THOSE weeks?! you know the ones, where it feels like the world is against you and no matter how much effort you exert into stuff its like your constantly running into a brick wall! As I previously mentioned in my last post, this week marked a year since finding out that our new baby girl actually wouldn’t be ours for very long and with that news… View Post

I cannot believe that it has been a year…a year since our 20 week scan, a year since everything became so temporary and fragile, a year since our lives were turned upside down. Last year, on this day we excitedly made our way to the hospital as a little family unit to see who our 5th member would be. According to a tonne of random people I met I apparently already… View Post

After several weeks of asking me if he could go somewhere to learn to dance, I finally found a reasonably priced local dance class for Ethan to join. With being on a budget and not sure if he would actually enjoy it, I didnt want to pay out loads and have that pressure. Local to us is a small company that run various kids classes that range from £2 to… View Post

When you read of happy things you can’t help but smile and the last few days I have really enjoyed reading other bloggers posts on the “50 things that make me happy” , its been lovely seeing some big but mostly small little things in life that bring others happiness! Esther at Inside out and about then nominated me on twitter to do the same and compiling this list has brought… View Post