I have had a carb overload this weekend; Dominos for date night (hubs choice), a jacket potato at Costco Saturday lunch, Pasta Bake for dinner on Saturday and Mexican buffet with the extended fam Sunday evening! I know all such delicious meals, but Monday I felt so bloated and heavy so just had an energy booster smoothie at lunch. I have done well not to really eat much sugar this… View Post

One thing about being an adult and a parent is the moment you become Santa! It’s so hard to know what to give your kids and how much and not be influenced by other families and what they do or can afford. It’s sometimes hard not to loose sight of Christmas’ true meaning and get too caught up in all the shopping and unbelievable amount of stuff for kids thats… View Post

As we were given a random mini tree Last yr (I still have no idea where it came from), I decided this Christmas to let the kids have and decorate their very own tree..yaaaayyy! An alterior motive as it also meant they wouldn’t interfere with MY tree. Whilst I hung all of my sparkly things symmetrically, they took a more free approach, and whenever they tried to touch mine I… View Post

Week 7 = 163lb Here I am another pound down! WHOOP WHOOP! Its not quite the 2.5lbs a week I originally anticipated, I’m just scraping a lb each week which is good (I guess) My fave black and white stripey shirt now fits which is mint… No gaping buttons here (thankfully).┬áThis week I was really good, I even got myself ill, couldn’t eat and with a sneaky mid week weigh… View Post