A very Happy Easter to you all! I hope it was special in your own way and I hope that it involved LOTS of chocolaty treats and delicious food. Do you make a big deal about Easter in your family? have you enjoyed many Easter activities this week or weekend? or are you just excited for 2 weeks with no school runs? I was speaking with a friend recently when… View Post

The world of Infant loss is one that I never Imagined I would cross over into, why would you? Wouldn’t it almost be like tempting fate? I have learn’t over the last few months though as I have been thrust (with some prior warning) over that boundary and into the realms of graves, grief and empty arms that there are many many people that can not deal with the words… View Post

Having lived in Leeds for 7 years or so I have visited Kirkstall Abbey a few times, I have taken the kids on the odd occasion to their weekly craft/play sess and even once went into the musem..it was an epic fail – Mainly because they were too young and not interested and I was disappointed to never have seen the whole museum. For the last few months I have… View Post

When I was pregnant with Megan I had to go for fasting blood tests to see if I had gestational diabetes, something I DID have with Ethan. I ended up being just shy of 15 minutes late and was refused my appointment. I was astounded that even though I had fasted from dinner the night before, was pregnant, started hormonal crying that I couldn’t even get past the receptionist, she┬ánot… View Post