Fairburn ings is an RSPB reservation not far from us here in West Yorkshire. Its been on our “to do” for a family day out for quite a while since Naths sister told us all about it, and so with some good weather and no plans, we decided this past Saturday would be the perfect opportunity. Ethan and Megan’s latest craze is “Bird watching” – they have these tacky binoculars… View Post

I absolutely love the ages that Ethan and Megs are at right now. They both know how to express themselves, they know what they like and dislike, they choose their own style and it makes me beam with joy to see how close they are, what little buddies they are…a real team. I was with a friend this week when she commented and said “wow you can really see how… View Post

Like so many other people I have oodles of pins on various boards on my pinterest account, most are to just admire and dream about, others have been attempted and failed and then every so often I attempt one and boom…NAILED IT! This happened this week – Tuesday to be precise. In our church we each have little voluntary positions we take on to help one another, it is a… View Post

For the past few weeks I have heard the kids frequently yell “look how far we’ve come mummy”! Walking along walls, climbing up parks, walks up hills and general journeys spark the excitement of the accomplishment they can physically see. I love to hear it – the pride in their voices as well as see them bouncing and pointing at really how high they climbed or how far they made… View Post