Ethan and Megs LOVE all creatures (as you saw in my recent family day out post). It’s a relief that they have no fear around them and get ridiculously giddy when in the presence of bounding dogs, cats, woodlice, hamsters, rabbits and baboons (you name it and they love it) but it also means that they at times pester for pets of their own or bring bugs, spiders and even… View Post

I have a couple of things in my wardrobe that aren’t maternity wear, but that I wore last summer whilst pregnant. One is a cream lace dress from Topshop that Nath bought me for my birthday a couple of years ago which I can’t part with… I wore it a lot over jeans whilst preggers and just love it, and again over Christmas this year whilst I still had some… View Post

On Saturday we were invited for a family day out to Knowsley Safari park and the kids were just going crazy over it all week…they are both great animal lovers and Megs couldn’t believe that real monkey’s would be climbing on her car and E that we would be Sooooo close to a scary lion! Whilst we have been together most weekends as a family it has been absolutely nuts… View Post

I have been thinking a lot recently and reflecting on what grief is and what it isn’t. Of course this means that I have researched so many posts and quotes on Pinterest, but from day 1 I have wanted to be assured that however I felt it was okay and whatever pains and behaviours were a part of my life that it was normal. I wanted to be sure that… View Post