Wicked Wednesday | 3

So I have been working really hard this week on being a “crafy” mummy and actually putting some of many kids craft pins into action! We have been house bound as ive been trying to get Megs to use the Potty (currently to no avail but thats for another post) and with a sudden winter chill in the air it was perfect …or maybe stressful you decide!

The house looks like a fairy kingdom with all of the glitter dumped everywhere. On that subject, me and my control mentality told them more than once “don’t touch the glitter, use what mummy has already opened”! Ethan being Ethan thought he knew better and bit the glitter tube after a failed attempt of opening it by hand..RESULT??

Hello Sparkle chops – I told him his poo would be all shiny but he didn’t like that response either





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