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Like so many other people I have oodles of pins on various boards on my pinterest account, most are to just admire and dream about, others have been attempted and failed and then every so often I attempt one and boom…NAILED IT!

This happened this week – Tuesday to be precise. In our church we each have little voluntary positions we take on to help one another, it is a temporary assignment that can last for however long and then we are assigned somewhere else to help. I have done all sorts but at the moment I am assigned as a leader for the girls 12 – 18 and so teach some Sundays at church and then plan activities for them on a Tuesday evening too. Its hard work but a lot of fun too. This week we did home made face masks and it was a good laugh. It reminded me what fun it is to be a teenager again and it was insightful as to firstly how easy and cheap they were to make and secondly how good they felt.
InstagramCapture_ab61d331-b702-4ebc-b141-0145cc894962Here are the 2 we did:
1. For Acne/oily skin
1/2 Avacado
1 egg white

– Mash avacado and mix in egg white
WP_20150519_19_48_42_Pro WP_20150519_19_48_11_Pro2. “Natural Botox” (obviously appealed to me with my now 30’s skin)
1/2 banana
1/4 cup of natural yogurt
1 tsp of honey
– mash banana and mix in other ingredients – apply – watch out for the odd drip!
WP_20150519_19_50_36_ProFun girly time and natural skincare products don’t have to cost the earth. If you are on a budget but enjoy some pampering check your fridge and cupboards – im sure something there will be usable for a mask. Its relaxing and so good to take time for yourself! It did me the world of good for a couple of hours to chat to a teenager and the other leader about teen stuff, laugh about making these and then chilling with them on.


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