Adventure is a favourite word of mine these days; it sums up both life and marriage perfectly, and as we hit our 7th wedding anniversary last week we can certainly say it has been just that. To celebrate we found ourselves exploring North Yorkshire on a proper outdoor adventure together and it was fabulous! I love nothing more than a good adventure with my love (Mr Smith) and an opportunity to be… View Post

We have just enjoyed an incredibly fun and very sunny week down in Cornwall with Nathan’s side of the family and whilst 4 days later I am still feeling wrecked from all of the driving and being go go go, I am also pleased to report I am a little sun-kissed and it was pretty much everything we hoped for – family fun, banter, lush weather, beach trips and comfortable… View Post

This weekend we had the rare opportunity of a night away – Kid free! I have been planning out #6 anniversary for a good year or 2 and knew with it being “Iron” that Telford and Iron bridge would be the perfect choice. Unfortunately in October (our actual anniversary) we were both ill with viruses and seasonal flu and spent most of the weekend wrapped up in bed with lemsips!… View Post

I don’t know whether it’s his age or what but recently Ethan just NEVER seems to be content with things and its driving me NUTS! Get him his red tshirt out, he wanted to wear the blue one. Get him a chocolate ice cream and he wanted strawberry. He wants the car that someone else has or the book that Megan is reading, he didn’t want to go in our… View Post