The word of the week this week is certainly “Busy”! Alice and I have been travelling around West Yorkshire, sneaking up on people and observing classes for a friends business, and its been all go! She finally had her first messy play session as a result of all of this, and has had taster sessions galore of everything from Baby massage to sign, Yoga and mini movers. Its been tiring but… View Post

After a lovely trip up to Harrogate on Tuesday with Alice, to speak at a bereavement care training, yesterday left me feeling rather deflated. I realise that as much I love to raise awareness and talk about my baby girl, the emotions it resurfaces are always hard to take on. It isn’t so much as to stop me doing it, I never could I don’t think, but it is something… View Post

This week I have been mostly housebound with a spotty, chicken poxy baby! As a result I haven’t had huge opportunities to get out and hunt for the bargs! Frugal living is a way of life though, and whether in or out, there are always thrifty choices to make. “Make do & Mend” The phrase “Make do & Mend” to the younger me used to stir feelings of missing out… View Post

Before I go any further with sharing this weeks bargain buys, let’s first address the one fact that this is a “Frugal Friday” post going live on a Saturday evening! The reason is that I just got my laptop back this afternoon after a week long stay at the PC world service centre. It needed a new screen (which is now amazing), and was £60 plus £51 for the part… View Post