The glorious weather of this weekend was the perfect taster of things to come.  Walks on the beach, spontaneous BBQ’s, and days where you lose all sense of time just wandering and enjoying the ordinary moments of life in the sun. I love to watch the kids on the beach; toying with the waves, rolling in the sand and collecting everything they deem to be precious.  They are mini beach… View Post

My kids are so unpredictable when it comes to sightseeing. On some occasions they love it and are wow’d by culture and architecture. On the other hand they spend every minute whining and moaning about aching legs and hungry tummy’s. But the reality of parenthood is that no matter where you are, kids have no reservations about playing up and “being themselves”. Of course you would never want them not… View Post

I can’t remember a day recently that was so chilled and tranquil for me as Wednesday was. The sun was shining, I had on my shades and trainers, only a cardigan, and I met up with some friends (and their’s) for a walk and wander around some localish RHS Gardens. With Spring in the air and nature coming alive again, it was just a lovely day and opportunity to catch up… View Post

“It’s your turn to…” is a phrase exchanged numerous times a day between myself and Mr Smith. It’s your turn to drive because I drove’s your turn to wash up as I always do it, or it’s your turn to choose a film…go tell the kids to get back into bed (and so on). Often the phrase is used in relation to the children and up keep of our… View Post