I often look at my life and cannot believe how much it has changed in such a short space of time, in some ways that has been tragically and painfully but it has mostly being for the better and for very special, joyful reasons. I have an amazing husband and the mother of 3, we lead a great life and rarely go short of anything though my husband is a… View Post

Crayons, Biro, felt tips, paint and permanent marker – We’ve had it all in various places around the house on doors and walls. Unfortunately so have some other members of the family members; Grandma found lots of Biro and one Aunts home was destroyed with mascara!!! I know exactly which one of them has done what by the style…Meg’s being 2 its scribble central and Ethan usually does an “X… View Post

Since becoming a mother and being at home almost full time, my desire to be able to sew has increased significantly. I learn’t to sew/use a sewing machine whilst in high school and I remember my mum doing a little bit here and there and letting us use her sewing machine for the occasional up-cycle project as a teen. My memory tells me I did pretty well with it which is… View Post

I know some people have issues and major fears when it comes to visiting the dentist, I do not! I have more fear that I will loose all of my teeth (ever had that dream?) than laying in a chair for 5/10 mins and having someone check out my mouth. You may think I have been lucky to escape needles??? no fillings?? well yes I have had fillings, braces and… View Post