Crayons, Biro, felt tips, paint and permanent marker – We’ve had it all in various places around the house on doors and walls. Unfortunately so have some other members of the family members; Grandma found lots of Biro and one Aunts home was destroyed with mascara!!! I know exactly which one of them has done what by the style…Meg’s being 2 its scribble central and Ethan usually does an “X… View Post

I know some people have issues and major fears when it comes to visiting the dentist, I do not! I have more fear that I will loose all of my teeth (ever had that dream?) than laying in a chair for 5/10 mins and having someone check out my mouth. You may think I have been lucky to escape needles??? no fillings?? well yes I have had fillings, braces and… View Post

When Ethan was 11 months old I found out I was pregnant with Megs – I wanted to have them close because I wanted them to grow up and be great friends. As I laid in hospital with hyperemesis and as I waddled around prego with a baby in my arms still I often wondered “what were we thinking?” !!! We both had siblings close to us in age and… View Post

Just outside of Bridlington on the cliff tops sits a gorgeous little park, old hall and Zoo. We often went as Kids with our cousins and have spent some lovely days there with my family growing up. Yesterday, as we were at the coast visiting family we decided to go to Sewerby park and see the animals and enjoy the gardens. We did invite my sisters and kids but unfortunately… View Post