For the last month or so we have been trying out Haliborange Children’s vitamins every day. I feel like a bit of a drug store as we have literally being trying them all – from multivitamins, to the baby toddler liquid, and ones specifically for Vitamin D, C, omega 3 and immunity. My kids have probably never being healthier, and as I write this,  I am now wondering if this… View Post

It’s been several months since we first visited Scarborough Sealife Sanctuary as a family, and I was excited to both visit again, and then also see what (if anything) was different too now Summer has arrived. We planned a day around it on Saturday in Scarborough and it was very much enjoyed by us all! We arrived first thing (10am) both to avoid the crowds, and also because we wanted… View Post

On Friday afternoon I walked into the lounge to see my kids laid on the floor watching Moana (nothing new there). This time however they were completely silent and snuggled down in their new Snuggle Sacs from Ollie & Leila! It was such a pleasant and lovely sight.  My kids, like lots of others, love to snuggle! They love nothing more than putting on a movie and snuggling down to… View Post

Haliborange are the UK’s number one children’s supplement brand! Loved and trusted for generations, they are specifically tailored to support a healthy diet and lifestyle according to your child’s individual nutritional needs. The supplements in the range offer a selection of great tasting flavours, including; orange, blackcurrant, strawberry or citrus. There is something for each individual child and each product carried a money back taste guarantee! We are in the… View Post