We are a family of snugglers…There is nothing we love more than cozying up together with warm blankets and getting all snuggly together, it is our happy place, moments when I feel immensely blessed for what I have and the lovely little family we have made. When the kids are sad or ill their 1st thing to ask for is “a snuggle please mummy”, and most mornings see us grabbing… View Post

This weekend we had the rare opportunity of a night away – Kid free! I have been planning out #6 anniversary for a good year or 2 and knew with it being “Iron” that Telford and Iron bridge would be the perfect choice. Unfortunately in October (our actual anniversary) we were both ill with viruses and seasonal flu and spent most of the weekend wrapped up in bed with lemsips!… View Post

I absolutely LOVE Snapfish for all of my on line photo needs, I have been using them for a good few years as they always have excellent service, quality, offers and generally just great value. So when they asked me recently if I would like to work with them to create some personalised photo calenders for next year I said “Yes”! It was a really exciting project that made the most… View Post

I decided long ago that if I went ahead and sent my kids into the school system, that I would be involved with that school as much as I could, via the PTA (parent, teacher association) or if time and opportunity permitted, a parent governor too. I am very much aware of the fact that a child’s education and learning is not the sole responsibility of the school they attend… View Post