Sunday marked 11 months since loosing Poppy and it has been an awful few days. I felt like I was on this upward road…climbing out of the fogs of grief, seeing the brightness in the world again, but then the realisation of whats to come over the next few months caused me to trip up again. 11 months is quite a long time for some scenarios, but I realise more… View Post

When I first found out that Poppy had died I knew there would be pain and sorrow, but misunderstood the amount of pain  and sorrow that would come. I also naively thought that after a period of time that I would wake up one day and be healed…because of course time is a healer, right? Wrong, healing isn’t a one time event, but rather I have come to see that… View Post

I have been dreading this date for a few weeks now, I realised it was coming just before our last Sands meeting when I quickly calculated how long it has been for us should there (heaven forbid) be new faces. It was at that moment I realised in a few weeks she would have been dead longer than she was ever alive…and that hurt. A LOT. I remember reaching 9months with… View Post

The 1st’s are always the hardest when you’ve lost someone – 1st Christmas, 1st birthday, 1st anniversary without them, they all remind you of how much it hurts to not have them here and causes you to reflect on how life might have been different if the person hadn’t have passed on. When you loose a baby, when your child passes away there seemed to be way more reminders of your… View Post