My breastfeeding journey has been completely different with each of my children and over time I have gone from really not being into it, to now where I feel confident and natural in my role as a breastfeeding mother. This little lady was set on feeding the moment she was born and where as I usually like to wait for a while, she certainly had other ideas routing as soon… View Post

At 2 months old Alice is smiling, silent laughing with the odd squeal coming out and engaging anyone who makes eye contact. She has a flirty persona (which most babies do and I love) and is very tolerant of older siblings in her face. I love how she moves her little mouth and all of her expressions to try and chat back when you talk to her. I love seeing… View Post

Alice has been rather snuffly these past couple of weeks and on some days just whimpering whenever I put her down, this potentially could be such hard work but naturally and without thought on such days I have reached for my new Kangawrap and have been wearing her so as to keep her close and snuggly. This has not only helped her settle and relax and get some much needed… View Post

Its almost 5am and right on schedule I have just finished up feeding Alice. Some mornings I cannot wait for this moment so that I can quickly pop her back in her crib and resume sleep for another couple of hours before Ethan and Megan arise. But some mornings I hold her a little longer, I smell her and give her extra kisses…I have a precious new baby girl and… View Post