As I cuddled Alice close this week I began to think of how many days worth of cuddles I have lost over the last 2 and half years with Poppy. Then I moved onto smiles, milestones and life generally with her in it. Nathan and I have spoken a lot about how hard it is some days to wrap our minds around the idea that we should have a 2.5 year… View Post

This weekend I have been in Manchester to do my SANDS befriender training (which I will share with you more once I have digested it), and whilst it was nice to do something for myself, it felt really weird not being with Nathan and the kids over the weekend. In hindsight it couldn’t have come at a better time as it fell right at the start of half term, and… View Post

How is my baby girl 6 months old today? I seriously am a bag of mixed emotions as I think firstly about how exciting it is at the many wonderful milestones that await in the near future, and then emotional too to think of my baby growing (as I say most months) far too fast for my liking. Since our last update we have a new wardrobe, have started weaning,… View Post

Last week was a funny old week really; filled with cleaning, school runs, laundry and adjusting back to life around work and school. In some ways it was a bit of a let down following the highs of Christmas with all its magic and adventures, lazy days and eating whatevs. In other ways it was an exciting new start filled with some big new changes for the smallest member of… View Post