Today Alice is 4 months old…17 weeks and 4 days to be precise, and at such a significant stage in her development I can honestly say that I have no idea how much she weighs (busy mum life), only that 3 months to 4 has most definitely held the biggest changes in Alice’s little life thus far. She has gone from sleeping a nice chunk of 6hrs + to waking every… View Post

Chunkier cheeks, a new wardrobe, sleeping a little longer, going to her 1st party and smiling at anyone that catches her eye…Alice is most definitely in a new stage and 3 months is suiting us well. Her feeding schedule is rather predictable now which makes things easier and whilst we still have the odd night where it feels like we are seeing every hour, most nights we can’t complain and… View Post

Tonight my heart is filled with so much joy after a wonderful day that brought together our family and friends, and with lots of food we celebrated our little Alice Grace. It was her blessing day; an ordinary moment in our church (and lives for that matter), a moment that when our babies are usually in their early months they are brought before the congregation and given a name and… View Post

The last 7 days, sprinkled with the various appointments we have had, have left me feeling like I am back at the start of the first child cycle. I remember doing similar things with Ethan once that initial teeny new baby phase had passed and began to get out for regular weigh-ins and standard baby appointments. Of course with Megan it was different as Ethan was always in tow, but… View Post