The 1st’s are always the hardest when you’ve lost someone – 1st Christmas, 1st birthday, 1st anniversary without them, they all remind you of how much it hurts to not have them here and causes you to reflect on how life might have been different if the person hadn’t have passed on. When you loose a baby, when your child passes away there seemed to be way more reminders of your… View Post

I decided to post my January update during this final week as me and the hubs are going to Prague (yahoooo) and for a healthy mind and enjoyable trip I don’t want to restrict myself from holiday treats and local delicacies, so I plan on eating not as great or strictly as I have been doing but also hope that with all of our walking and exploring it shouldn’t cause too… View Post

Why do you have 5 stockings when there are only 4 of you? Why do keep saying you hate Christmas? Are you depressed? These are just some of the questions I have been asked over the last few weeks and to be honest have really got my back up! And so here are some questions I ask of you; How do you enjoy a season that constantly reminds you of… View Post