So when I gave birth I was 180lbs, the week after with shock and funeral planning and of course birth its self I dropped down to 168! GET IN! It then dawned on me that I could quite easily, from that point, get to about 140 by Christmas, after all that is only 2.5lbs a week! Its definitely fluctuated over the last 3 weeks, lost a lb gained 3 –… View Post

I cannot believe I have been “Mrs Smith” now for 5 years! This last weekend was our 5 year anniversary and it was great to actually get dressed up and get out together. On recommendation we went to a fab restaurant in Hudds called “Temujin”  and we certainly were not disappointed! The whole atmosphere was amazing and just a really fun place to eat, yet relaxing and chilled too. The Food… View Post

In Light of my recent post “Post pregnancy body issues” – I have decided to do a weekly post about waving goodbye to the baby bulge! I will have a weekly weigh in on a Tuesday (because this is the day of the week Poppy arrived) and will let you know of my successes and failures – the exercise classes ive tried, foods (the good and bad) and clothing I can… View Post

Baby weight is a perfectly normal part of pregnancy, its expected isn’t it.. the amount of people that say the ridiculous comment “go on treat yaself your eating for 2” and because of our stretchy pants and maternity gear we don’t tend to notice the extra few pounds – why would we when were constantly being told how radiant we look? Once baby is here were so wrecked and preoccupied… View Post