I don’t know about you, but I really love this time of year of newness, ambition and a clean slate. I love the time we have to reflect on what has been, what we have learnt. lost and achieved, and what lies ahead and what can be created. I like that we can be whoever we want to be through goals and work and that life never has to be… View Post

On Friday, whilst the kids were at school, I drove up to Harrogate to meet up with some of my sister-in-laws and Mum-in-law! Its less than an hour North of Leeds and a very beautiful town in North Yorkshire. The location was decided as we had arranged to spend some time together at the “Knitting and Stitching Show” which is annually held there, and whilst I wasn’t 100% sure what… View Post

When I look back on my 30 years of life I can pin point the moments where I gained passion for something, the moments where I started to believe in myself and the times when experiences built me. I know the moment when the insecurities of teenage life left and I loved myself and beamed confidence. I remember the day I fell in love and the world seemed such a… View Post