I wish I could say we were currently on holiday in Finland (or somewhere equally cool), and these pics were taken in a Köte living the local dream and lapping up the culture, but unfortunately we are not. As much as we needed and hoped to be on holiday this week, the realisation that I would be approaching 32 weeks of pregnancy was enough to decide it might not be the… View Post

I feel very fortunate that Nathan and I have had a few lovely evenings out together recently, and its been absolutely wonderful following the period of time we’ve had where we barely saw each other! I am wondering how much longer I can milk that as an excuse to have a night out! HA! Its so nice on these occasions to be “us”; to laugh together, have private jokes, flirt,… View Post

There is one thing I feel very strongly about since becoming a parent, and that is making time weekly for each other as a couple to go out or stay in, but to just do something together for a “date night“. Because this is a priority for us, we accomplish this goal most weeks and enjoy spending time together. I find it harder these days to always go out together… View Post

This months 5 under 5, I have realised are all about me! Several little treats I have picked up here and there for myself that show I really am easily pleased and low maintenance when it comes to what I buy for me. And of course most excited to have some lovely new things in my life! 1. Asos Denim Shirt 2 weeks ago whilst out and about with Mr… View Post