Its no secret that I love a good bargain!┬áThere is just something extremely fulfilling to me to find something that either looks good, is useful, delicious, is on our wish list or a general lovely gift for someone, and when it turns out to cost next to nothing or just generally is a complete bargain, well there in lies a secret to a hearty life! This month I have received… View Post

I have a couple of things in my wardrobe that aren’t maternity wear, but that I wore last summer whilst pregnant. One is a cream lace dress from Topshop that Nath bought me for my birthday a couple of years ago which I can’t part with… I wore it a lot over jeans whilst preggers and just love it, and again over Christmas this year whilst I still had some… View Post

Periodically in this world of blogging there are little awards/challenges (like this one here) and games that go around to help connect other bloggers, find out about new bloggers and generally get to know bloggers you get pally with, I quite enjoy reading them and get a little excited when someone asks me to participate too, as its nice to think they want to know a little more about me… View Post

York is one of my all time favourite Cities; it is so beautiful, so happening and popular, yet feels chilled to explore too. And then of course the most obvious is that I love the history that oozes out around every corner. It is a place to go that makes me happy to not necessarily have any agenda, just enjoy the moments been there, taking it all in. Its very… View Post