I realised recently both looking around our home and sat reading some favourite blogs, that we have very few pictures of us all together, and that made me rather sad. I capture the kids, I write our adventures, my emotions and our stories, but we are rarely featured all together as a family unit, and this gap in my blog desperately needs filling! It needs to be a place to capture… View Post

You may or may not be aware that April marks the 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare, and in celebration of this I was asked by the lovely people at Viking to produce some art work around inspired by him using the supplies they sent us. Whilst not yet at a stage in life where I can directly introduce the kids to the works of William Shakespeare, they do thoroughly enjoy… View Post

I love shopping…who doesn’t? But when you are living to a budget kids clothes aren’t always a priority of where the money should be spent, especially when you can buy nearly new on ebay, in charity shops and now its spring…car boot sales (Get in)! I know if I had a few extra pounds, exactly what bits I would want to go buy for both Megs and E, but I… View Post

I have been thinking a lot recently about the word inspire and wondered what or who is inspiring to you? Next I’d ask Is it little old me? Really? Because believe it or not some people seem think so But…Do I really inspire people with my little piece of the web and the way I approach life, or is it a word misused in a moment where there is nothing much… View Post